Get Your House Ready for Halloween

Updated: April 12th, 2024

    Halloween is a home decorator’s dream. The opportunity to add fun decorations to the interior and exterior of the house is like putting a little kid in a candy shop. For people that aren’t as crafty, we’ve come up with some ideas to get your house ready for Halloween.

    house ready for halloween


    We know this one seems obvious. But step out of the norm this Halloween and add a spin to this traditional decor. Have a family or neighborhood pumpkin carving competition or even add a spooky theme to your own pumpkin carvings.  Your home will definitely be an eye-catcher with this creative flair for the season.

    Black and Orange

    Implement black and orange wherever possible. A color-themed house looks great for fun holidays like these. Whether it be a wreath, rug, centerpiece, or place mat adding these colors will conjure up the Halloween spirit and catch the eyes of your guests.


    The only time when dusting isn’t necessary! Okay, maybe not quite. Though, artificial cobwebs can be stretched and hung from just about anywhere. Hang them from corners or on chandeliers to add to the eerie feel of Halloween. Want to go even further? Try adding miniature spiders to the webs!


    There’s nothing quite like the scent of warm vanilla, pumpkin spice or autumn leaves to get you in the mood for Halloween. Bring those smells into your house with scented candles and it’ll completely change the atmosphere of your home!

    Front Yard Decor 

    Do you really want to be the only house with a blank front yard the night of Halloween? That answer should be a definite “No!” Neighbors, friends and strangers alike love to see who has the most creative decorations. Make it scary or quirky with just a few items and your front yard has the potential to be transformed into the ultimate Halloween destination.

    Floor Mats

    Welcome your guests with a frightening floor mat to let them know your house is ready for Halloween and all its festivities. Not only does this add a splash of spook to your home, but it’s one of the many ways to protect your flooring. This holiday can be full of spills—and due to autumn weather, muddy shoes. Make sure your flooring is ready for what Halloween may bring. Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate now!

    With all the decorations and warm, autumn feel, this is definitely one of our favorite times of the year. Remember to have fun while you get your house ready for Halloween!

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