Empire’s Best Winner August 2020

Updated: April 7th, 2023

If there’s one thing we live by at Empire Today is to work hard, not only for customers but for the team that makes it easy to get beautiful new floors. While all of our team is hard at work, a few have shined and deserve special recognition. This is why we’re happy to announce the winner of the Empire’s Best Award: Jose Vigil!

The call center supervisor, Jose, or Joey, has direct experience talking with our customers and helping them get floors the Empire Way. We spoke with Joey to learn exactly what drives him to be one of Empire’s Best. Keep reading to see exactly why he deserved this accolade. 

Getting to Know Empire’s Best

Jose “Joey” Vigil

Empire's Best Award winner, Jose Vigil

Helping customers across inbound customer service and chat, Jose has been a vital part of the Empire Today community and goes above and beyond to assist the team. Stepping outside of his duties during the pandemic and in light of various stay-at-home orders, Joey led work remote initiatives across all call center departments to help agents and supervisors work remotely. From creating aides to assist in setting up home equipment to mentoring and coaching supervisors and associates across departments – even in his free time – until they’ve “got it”, Joey is a clear example of what it means to be an Empire team member: caring for both customers and his teammates. To top it off, Joey follows up as a mentor and coach, better preparing associates to resolve similar issues with confidence in the future.

How long have you been working at Empire?

I have been working for Empire Today for 4 and a half years. 

What made you want to work at Empire Today?

Having heard how reputable Empire Today was, I was excited to bring my customer service experience to the table and grow with the company.

What is your favorite part about working at Empire?

My favorite part about working at Empire Today is the environment. We have such a great team, starting at the top, management provides such great support which promotes good morale. This trickles down to supervisors like myself and allows us to pass it along to our customer care associates and provide such a positive/productive customer service department. Also interacting with all the different personalities and new hires I come across during Training. It makes everyone worth it when you have the underdogs who doubt themselves and assist in their growth/belief they develop in themselves. I can honestly say I love coming into work and love working for Empire Today. 

What is the one thing you are most excited about for the coming year?

What I am most excited about for this coming year is to continue improving our work from home/virtual training program we have in place, and smoothly transition more of our markets to ERP. So proud of all the efforts on everyone’s part to adapt and overcome all the changes taking place in the world. We have been successful so far and we must continue to persevere and improve our business. 

What is your motto or personal mantra?

 It would have to be, “The tiny seed knew that in order to grow it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light.” – Sandra Kring.

What three traits define you and how you work?

Three traits that define me and how I work are Determined, Empathetic, and Adaptable.

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