5 Tips for Finding a Carpet Color to Match Your Décor

Published: May 4, 2017

When designing a room, choosing the correct carpet color to match your decor should be a first priority. Consider the full complement of features that make up the area, as well as how these can be put together harmoniously. This consideration might include color, texture, style and personal taste. And since flooring covers such a large area in a room, the carpet color you choose can make a world of difference. Here are 5 tips for finding a carpet color to match your decor.



1. Traffic Patterns

When choosing carpeting to fit with your design style, you must also consider practical concerns such as traffic patterns in the room. A family room or living room may see much more daily traffic than a bedroom or den. Choose a carpet color that can withstand regular use throughout the day. Experts recommend choosing carpeting before you choose wallpaper, paint or fabrics. For heavy foot traffic, a darker tone is usually more practical.


2. Use of the Room

Along with traffic patterns, consider how the room will be used throughout an average day. Family rooms and playrooms often get varied uses. If you have young children, their bedrooms may also serve as play areas that may require a darker tone to hide stains and wear. The color of the carpet can also help to create an atmosphere in a room. Neutral colors or muted tones encourage relaxation. These colors are especially good for bedrooms, sitting areas and home offices.


3. Color Palette

A good room design starts with a basic color palette that blends different tones together for variety and visual interest. Take some time to consider a number of factors such as the amount of light in the room, personal tastes and existing furniture or wall décor. These items can often tell you the direction in which you should go. You might even want to skim through magazines and online to determine décor trends you enjoy the most. Put these elements together with your own personality and you can create a design that is unique to your home!


4. Color Trends

Along with your design color palette you might want to also consider current color trends. In the past, beiges in all forms were considered the go-to carpet color to fit in with most décor styles. However, more recently, grays have taken a lead in interior design. The use of grays helps in providing a stylish, contemporary look with a neutral scheme that can blend with many other colors. Tans and browns are also options that can blend with other colors easily, yet provide better wear-ability than white or off-white. Other neutrals that have recently become popular include sage green, taupe and khaki—those sound like a nice change to carpeting in my home!


5. Personal Tastes

At the end of the day, the finding a carpet color to match your decor becomes a matter of personal taste—it is your home after all. If you feel good in environments with blue tones, carefully consider the range of blues available in carpeting choices. If you give it enough thought, it’s likely that you can find one that will work in the room design. While you may not want your Carpet to be the same color as your walls, you can find an option that successfully compliments the rest of your décor.

With some thought, research and a little creativity, your Carpeting can fit in seamlessly with your room’s design to create a comfortable and visually pleasing area for your home. Remember, it is your home and your opinion is the most important!

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