20 Ways Dogs & Flooring Can Peacefully Coexist

Published: April 13, 2017

Dogs and flooring don’t always play nice together. We get it. You love your dogs, but you also love your floors. Can the two peacefully co-exist? Here are 20 ways dogs & flooring can peacefully coexist.

dogs & flooring

1. Shop for carpet with built-in stain protection.

Scotchgard™ 3M, R2X® Protection, and Stainmaster® make it more difficult for puppies to leave permanent stains, odors, and soiling.

2. Always check for “pet urine protection” labels on carpet samples.

Some brands will have different names for it. This can help keep accidents and odors on the surface for easy clean-up, rather than deep in the fibers where it can turn into a tough stain.

3. Scratch, stain, and moisture resistance goes for hard floors, too!

Check for tough protective coatings such as aluminum oxide on flooring samples. This can defend floors with most scratches, stains, and moisture.

4. Aim for darker colors for carpet.

Although it is possible to have a lighter carpet color if you own a pet, having darker or multi-colors can make cleaning and your life in general much easier. Why? Stains tend to stand out more on lighter colors, which can be an eyesore for you and your guests if not cleaned properly.

5. Grooming is everything.

When’s the last time your dog’s nails were trimmed? Long, jagged nails can cause scratches to hardwood and laminate if overlooked.

6. How resilient are your floors?

Dogs tend to follow their own pre-determined paths over and over and over again. Durable laminate, hardwood, or  vinyl flooring are great for heavy foot traffic.

7. Avoid loop carpet.

Even if your dog keeps those claws trimmed, you may want to avoid looped carpet, as nails at any length can snag and rip it easily.

8. Pattern, frieze, and textured carpet can help hide dirt.

Sometimes, it’s nice to not have to clean up immediately. Certain carpet styles conceal crumbs and flecks of dirt better than others.

9. Don’t let sleeping dogs lie.

Not only is sleeping on a hard surface uncomfortable, but a dog’s dead weight could leave an impact on your floor over time. Find a comfy dog bed large enough for the pup to stretch out on!

10. Time to chow down? Use a feeding mat.

Puppy eating and drinking manners are a little different from ours. Opt for a feeding mat beneath the water bowls to avoid standing water on your floor.

11. Floor mats can keep mud and dirt at bay.

There’s no avoiding a little mud or dirt in the house, but strategically placed mats at every entryway and long hallway can make a huge difference.

12. Consider tile or vinyl entrance ways.

Taking the mat concept a step further, tile or vinyl is a lot better next to the backyard door than wall-to-wall carpet. It adds a buffer for liquids, mud, and dirt.

13. Keep bones and toys in one place when you can.

Bones and doggy toys can be pretty heavy! If they’re being knocked off a couch or dropped from a decent height, bad things could happen to your floors.

14. Drink on the edge of the table?

That’s just asking for a tail-whipping! Pets are just like kids in a lot of ways. Lots of sudden movements, not much grace. Keep drinks in hand or away from edges to avoid messes!

15. You can never have enough clean towels.

If you are constantly “acting fast” cleaning up spills left and right, make sure you have a steady supply of towels strictly for the dogs.

16. Where there’s a will, fur will find a way.

While cleaning up shedding, use mops, brooms, and vacuums without the beater bars to avoid scratching your floors.

17. Regular vacuuming is a must.

On both carpet and hard flooring, vacuum twice a week in high traffic areas. Once a week is fine for “pet-free” rooms.

18. Don’t be afraid to deep clean.

Use manufacturer-recommended products for carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile alike. Absorb stains as much as possible with a towel to remove excess moisture. Avoid abrasive scrubbing. Steam-mops and heavy machinery are not recommended.

19. Hire a professional cleaner once a year.

To keep your floor looking fresh longer, consult a professional cleaning service through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. They can get out the doggy bits your deep cleaning missed.

20. Above all else? Be prepared!

Accidents will happen. Don’t panic! If you have soap-free cleaners, mops, clean towels, and a vacuum on hand, you’re already halfway there. Most stains and soils can be avoided if you act fast and thoroughly.

Dogs and flooring can peacefully exist. It just requires a little more effort to keep your floors looking their best. If you need any help figuring out what dog-friendly flooring would be best for your  home, Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate now!

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