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Empire Location: Auburn

Auburn Service Area & Regional Map

This map is a visual representation and does not exactly match Empire’s service area. Please enter your zip code above to confirm whether you’re in Empire’s service area.

At Empire, we're proud to be a part of the city that takes "No Steps Backward," and we incorporate that progressive attitude into everything we do. We're active in all five wards and the surrounding areas, and we love working on historically significant houses in the style of the William Briggs Homestead, the Engine House and Auburn Public Library. We're happy to take part in the same community that exhibits stunning displays like the gardens in Hamster Point and Festival Plaza.


All Empire business addresses are for warehouse locations only and are not open to the public. Empire Today is proud of its convenient shop-at-home service; we bring the product samples to your home on your schedule. To setup a free in-home estimate, please visit the schedule appointment page.

Auburn Regional Distribution Center
1053 Turnpike Street
Stoughton MA, 02072
(866) 588-2307

Our flooring expertise helps us ensure that Auburn's classic architecture can withstand contemporary weather, and residents love these flooring products best.