It’s Empire’s ½ Price Sale—Our Best Sale!


The commercial begins in a family room with a fire in the fireplace as the voiceover says, “It’s Empire’s ½ Price Sale—our BEST sale!” The camera continues to transition from the family room to other rooms in the home showcasing new flooring as the voiceover continues, “Enjoy huge savings on beautiful new Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Vinyl, or Laminate. See samples in your home, get a free estimate during your appointment, and have it professionally installed the right way—all for ½ Price from Empire.” This is THE flooring Sale: ½ Price for floors and installation. Schedule the FREE In-Home Estimate now! 

*Discount is applied to the regular price of select styles of Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl, and Tile; basic installation; and standard padding and materials. Excludes stairs, floor prep, take-up of permanently affixed flooring, non-standard furniture moving, upgrades, other miscellaneous charges, product only, and prior purchases. Residential installations only. Not available in all service areas. Valid 08/03/2015 through 09/06/2015. Offer subject to change.

And here are some favorites:

Since the 1970′s, Empire has been a presence in TV ads through our many commercials showcasing our quality products. Sit back and enjoy watching vintage videos and see the Empire Man and jingle.

Vintage Empire Carpet TV Commercial Video: Stuck in the Shelves

The Empire Man got himself into a humorous situation, but still manages to tell us about Empire’s name-brand carpet, Next Day* delivery and more.

Vintage Empire Carpet TV Commercial Video: Don’t Be a Marching Toy

The Empire Man shows us why it’s best to shop at home for flooring with Empire and skip the hassle of traveling to retail stores. He even adds a reminder to schedule a free estimate.

Vintage Empire Carpet TV Commercial Video: 1983 Hat Story

Listen to the Empire Man’s story to discover why there is no other company quite like Empire! Excellent customer service, affordable prices and convenience are all part of the Empire experience.

*any offers or sales mentioned in vintage Empire commercials are no longer valid

Creating an Advertising Legacy with a Man and a Jingle

From New York to Los Angeles, people across America recognize Empire TV commercials because of two distinct things: The Empire Man and The Empire JingleEmpire. The Empire Man was introduced in 1977 and later adapted into the popular animated TV character that has grown to become a cultural icon. The Empire Man originally appeared on TV as a role played by Lynn Hauldren. Contrary to popular belief, the Empire Man was not the company’s owner, nor was he a sales representative or installer. In the late 1970s, Hauldren was an advertising copywriter who worked for the Empire brand. The company’s owner, during the time, requested he play the Empire Man role after unsuccessfully auditioning several other actors. He was the friendly face that appeared on television sets telling families all about Empire’s name-brand carpet and affordable prices. Each spot ended with the memorable Empire Today Jingle. C’mon, sing it with us: "eight hundred, five-eight-eight, two, three-hundred Empire Today!" Hauldren also wrote and recorded the jingle with an a cappella group, The Fabulous 40s. The famous Empire Today advertising jingle has made the Empire Today phone number (800-588-2300) one of the most recognized numbers in the country. We’re proud of these pieces our Empire history. Not only have they remained in the memories of many, they have helped shape the brand and mission that we support today: to provide convenience, quality and professionalism throughout the process of getting new carpet, flooring and window treatments.

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