Transitions: To Replace or Not to Replace? That is the Question.

Feb 2
Ben Bauer
You’re taking the plunge and installing new flooring.Should you automatically replace all your transitions? (A transition is a piece of hardware that covers and protects the seam where two different flooring surfaces meet.) MORE

Trying to Save on Energy Costs? It May be Affecting Your Carpet.

Feb 1
Larry Gantt
With the price of energy these days, many people are looking for any way to save energy on home heating and cooling costs. Steps for the winter season range from manually turning down the thermostat during the hours everyone is at work/school, to installing a new NEST Smart Thermostat to do it automatically every day and night. MORE

Updating Your Bathroom, it’s All in the Details

One of the rooms we use in our house every day is the bathroom. In my experience, it is one of the first places clients decide to work on when it comes time to remodel. MORE

Renovation Reality — Volume 11: Master Bedroom

There is a reason why most of us love to stay in luxury hotel rooms. Most rooms can instantly transport us to a place of calm within a matter of seconds. The high-end sheets, over-fluffed duvet covers, and soothing colors can work wonders to transform our senses, but most important is the sense of escape.  MORE

Winter is a Great Time for Real Estate

Many people are reluctant to list their home in the winter.  They seem stuck on waiting for the “spring market.”  If you need to or want to move, why wait?  There are a variety of reasons all year long that people have to buy a new house. MORE

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