Your First Garden Adventure: Plan now, plant later

Much of the country has been hit with some wild weather this winter and all most people can hope for is good news from Punxsutawney Phil.  While we desperately await the first signs of spring, MORE

It's Hard To Beat Hardwood Floors for Beauty and Value

Feb 4
Frank Worth
There is no shortage of flooring options available on the market, but homeowners tend to agree that hardwood floors are a top pick. Whether made from oak, hickory, or a more exotic wood, hardwood lends a sense of warmth to any space. They have been used for centuries in homes, and they impart a welcoming vibe that most homeowners are excited about incorporating into their living space.

Forget Footprints – Frieze Carpet Can Help Hide Your Tracks

You can't do much about the fact that some parts of your home are used more often than others. Still, you don't have to settle for your high-traffic areas looking like a stampede of wild animals ran through. Frieze carpet can help hide those pesky footprints without you having to lift a finger or fluff out trampled areas manually. MORE

Transitions: To Replace or Not to Replace? That is the Question.

Feb 2
Ben Bauer
You’re taking the plunge and installing new flooring.Should you automatically replace all your transitions? (A transition is a piece of hardware that covers and protects the seam where two different flooring surfaces meet.) MORE

Trying to Save on Energy Costs? It May be Affecting Your Carpet.

Feb 1
Larry Gantt
With the price of energy these days, many people are looking for any way to save energy on home heating and cooling costs. Steps for the winter season range from manually turning down the thermostat during the hours everyone is at work/school, to installing a new NEST Smart Thermostat to do it automatically every day and night. MORE

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