Do I Need to Remodel My Bathroom?

Nov 13
Sara Berg
Have you ever been at a friend’s house and thought, “Wow, I wish my bathroom was this awesome”? Let’s face it—we all have at some point in our lives! Home bathrooms get a great deal of use and often show their age more than other aspects of a residence. You can use a number of tricks to dress up an out-of-date bathroom, but the fundamental features typically remain the same. 

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Cloth Diapers - Options Available

Today I want to share some of the types of cloth diapers available to parents who choose to go this route. Where picking out a disposable diaper is as easy a choosing a brand, cloth diapering involves a little more research to choose both the type of diapers and brand (or combination of both) that you want to use. This allows parents to customize their diapers to be the perfect fit for their baby and their family. MORE

How to Remove Heel Marks from Hardwood Floors with Everyday Items

Nov 10
Sarah Ruhlman
As obnoxious as it is to see the tiniest mark on your hardwood floors, there are a lot of easy solutions to help combat the scuffs. Even the infamous high heeled scratches that always seem to find their way on your floor can be fixed. Before you grab an acidic or high polluted chemical solution that could potentially damage your floor for good, use these tips to rub out the scuffs and keep your hardwood from getting ruined even further. 

Tips to Keep You Sane During Building Inspection

Nov 9
Sara Berg
Even if you aren’t buying a brand new, freshly built home, you might find yourself making additions onto your current home. And, when you add anything to your home, odds are, you will need a building inspector from your town to take a look. If you have ever dealt with a building inspector before, you might already know how time consuming and frustrating it can be.  MORE

Hello Furry Friends!

Nov 6
Abby Berg
The pumpkins are out on the porch, the corn stalks are leaning against the house, the decorations are in full force! These added props are just an invitation for the furry little squirrels to pay you a visit! It doesn’t matter where you live, those frisky fellas will find their way to your pumpkin! Let’s dig a little deeper on the common presence of squirrels. 

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