Functional Flooring: Upgrading Home Workspaces without Complete Overhauls

Nov 24
Frank Worth
It's hard to get anything done if your workspace doesn't accommodate you when you're trying to focus. Unfortunately, home workspaces often receive the least amount of homeowner attention when it comes to functional upgrades; kitchens, bedrooms and other areas are far more likely to benefit from renovations.  MORE

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Extra Storage Space – Finding that “Extra” Space for Storage

One of the challenges many of us face is that we often have too much “stuff” and no place to store it. True, you may have a third bay in your garage or an unfinished basement that you can just pile things up in, but what happens when you need that extra garage bay, or you want to finish off your basement.   MORE

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You've Made the Purchase, Now What

You’ve taken the plunge and placed an order. What happens now?  Your sales representative checks all of your measurements, and then sends your order over to the Order Management area. MORE

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Your Epidermis is Showing

When I was in elementary school we had to take a health class. In that class we learned that your skin is the largest organ in the body and it was called the epidermis. MORE

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A Pet or Nice Flooring – You Don’t Have to Choose!

Our furry companions bring much joy, love, and laughter into our lives. As much as we love them, pets can leave scratches and snags, stains and soils, and odors on your flooring.  MORE

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