Decorating a Nursery...or Two - Part Two!

In our last blog post, we gave you a tour of the nautical themed nursery for one of our client’s twin baby boys. When selecting themes for these two nurseries, it was important to create two separate spaces, joined together by common elements. MORE

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Steam Cleaning – Not the Miracle Method We Thought?

Feb 16
Larry Gantt
With the explosion of advertisements for Steam Mops on TV these days, many people ask “Is this safe for use on my new Empire Today floor?” Steam is great for both cleaning and sanitizing when used in the appropriate place. However using it on most “flooring products” can cause irreparable damage. MORE

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Cats and Carpet: Can The Two Coexist?

For many cat owners, the age-old battle between their feline friends and their carpet has no clear winner. If your cat frequently needs to sharpen its claws or has difficulty with litter box training, your carpet can sustain a lot of damage. So, can cats and carpet coexist in a household? MORE

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Plant a Tree, Love the Benefits

For the second installment of what I like to call, “Spring - If you think it, it will come”, I’ll be discussing the benefits of planting trees on your property. MORE

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Top Flooring Choices to Achieve Minimalist Style

Feb 12
Frank Worth
Achieving a minimalist style of contemporary living with open, uncluttered, relaxed and comfortable decor is easier than most people realize. A home’s interior begins and ends with the selection of the perfect flooring to compliment the furniture, window dressings and walls. MORE

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