Helpful Utility Bill Tips for Homeowners

Recently my husband and I had an issue with a spike in charges from our energy utility company.  The experience left me with some helpful tips that I thought were perfect to share with you, the readers of this blog.

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Tile that Looks Like Wood: NEW Forest Lane Porcelain Tile

Mar 9
Frank Worth
Wood look tile flooring has quickly become one of the biggest trends in home decor. Have you ever wanted wood flooring in areas of your home where hardwood is typically not recommended?  The latest addition to our porcelain tile collection, Forest Lane Porcelain Tile, is the answer.  MORE

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How to Know When it is Time to Replace Your Carpet

Mar 6
Todd Johnson
Carpet can make a huge impact on how your home looks and feels. Although proper maintenance can dramatically extend the life of carpeting, sooner or later, carpet will outlive its usefulness and the need to be replaced. But, how do you know when carpet has reached the end of its lifecycle? Here are some signs to look for to help determine if it is time to replace your carpet.  MORE

In the Spotlight: The Empire Jingle on the Tonight Show

We know it happens to you too. You hear our Empire Jingle and it gets stuck in your head. According to a recent survey we completely made up, the average American spends approximately 28.5 hours a month trying to get the Empire Today Jingle ("800-588-2300, Em-pire… Today!”) out of their head. 

Prevent Damage by Cleaning Salt

During the winter, salt can be a lifesaver. Treating the roads and sidewalks with salt helps prevent slippery surfaces, but it also takes a toll on shoes, clothing and floors. Its important to remove dried-on salt before it gets a chance to cause serious damage. Let’s take a look at how you can eliminate salt damage before it’s too late. 


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