When Life Gives You Green Tomatoes….

With mounting excitement, we visited our garden yesterday morning anticipating our first home grown tomato of the summer. Instead, we found raccoon tracks in the garden and a green tomato lying by the plant. The ripe tomato was nowhere to be found. I’m hoping it works as a peace offering and the raccoons leave my tomatoes alone the rest of the summer. MORE

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Introducing Eden, a NEW Textured Carpet

What is the first thing you do when you get home after a long day at work? I take off my shoes! Kick off your shoes, feel your carpet underneath your toes, and relax because we have something new for you! Our new Eden Carpeting is a rich-bodied textured carpet constructed of 100% PET Polyester, which means you can take a break from your battle against spills and stains—now that’s a relief! Here are three reasons why Eden Carpet might be a good choice for your home.

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Summertime is Here

Jul 2
Abby Berg
As the temperatures rise, our dogs get hotter! Whether you have a short haired or long haired dog, they will all get hot—it is important to make sure they don’t overheat! Follow these simple steps and your pup will be set for the summer months! 

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Introducing Palmetto: A NEW Frieze Carpet!

Jun 29
Todd Johnson
When I look for carpeting I want softness, value, easy care, and contemporary styling. But, what carpet has all four of these characteristics? It seems unrealistic, but it isn’t! Our new Palmetto Frieze Carpet combines softness, value, easy care, and contemporary styling all rolled into one carpet.  MORE

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Empire Carpet Review Story: Empire Carpet was Very Good, Affordable, Fast, and Efficient

Jun 22
Tina Binette
Nothing makes us happier than hearing from a truly satisfied customer, who is excited to share their experience and pictures of their new Carpeting or Flooring—and maybe even brag a little about their new floor.  We were thrilled when we received an Empire Carpet Review from Paula H. in Denver, Colorado.

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