Pets are family. Their needs will affect your Carpet and Flooring choices. You’ll want to find durable, easy-care Flooring that accommodates your dog or pet’s size, age and temperament. Some pet-friendly products are also eco-friendly; good for your pets, and good for the earth. Your Sales Representative can discuss pet-friendly options during your FREE In-Home Estimate. Ask about safety options for Window Treatments to help keep pets safe.

Pet Factors to Consider

  • Pet Nails Can Scratch or Snag
  • Pet Urine Can Stain and Leave/Create Odors
  • Stains and Soil Likely
  • Dogs & Pets May Track Dirt Indoors
  • Spills from Water or Food Bowls

Featured Product: Pet-Friendly Carpet

Empire provides two carpet flooring options for cat and dog owners:

  • Stain resistant technology: A special protectant applied to the Carpet’s surface helps prevent spills and “accidents” from penetrating your Carpet.
  • Built-in stain resistant technology: The Carpet fibers are constructed to help resist stains and soil. The Carpet repels moisture and residue.

In addition, a special pet pad helps protect your Carpet and Flooring.

  • Our special PUP® (Pet Urine Protection) products are designed to help resist penetration of pet urine and other liquids.

Empire Today Pet-Friendly products are also Eco-Friendly; good for your pets, and good for the earth

Recommended Pet & Dog Friendly Products


Empire offers stain resistant Carpet formulated especially for homes with pets. Ask your Sales Representative about Carpets that provide protection against wear, soil and stains.


Hardwood Floors

All of our Engineered Hardwood Flooring and Solid Hardwoods have a factory-finished protective layer that helps provide resistance against abrasions, stains and soiling.


Laminate Floors

Laminate Flooring provides a durable, affordable Flooring choice for pet owners. It has a protective finish layer that helps provide resistance against abrasions, stains and soiling. Be sure to ask your Sales Representative about Laminate Flooring with topical water warranties if your pet’s feeding area will be on the Flooring.


Tile Floors

Ceramic Tile is tough Flooring that’s made from basic elements. Porcelain Tile, which includes additional minerals and is fired at extremely high temperatures, is even more durable. Both can be moisture resistant and clean up easily when pet accidents occur.


Luxury Vinyl Floors

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is resilient durable Flooring that can stand up to traffic from your four-legged companion. LVT also has a tough protective layer that provides soil, stain, abrasion and moisture resistance. It is also treated to be antimicrobial.



Vinyl Flooring is another durable, long-lasting option for dog and cat owners. Sheet Vinyl provides protection from moisture, abrasions, soil and stains. It also has antimicrobial properties and can resist mold, mildew and discoloration.


Window Treatments & Shades

Pets often see Window Treatments and cords as fun and intriguing. All of our Window Treatments have safety features that are designed with pets in mind.


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Our convenient, FREE In-Home Estimate gives you comprehensive pricing with no hidden fees. We calculate everything from product cost, space prep, to material disposal. Each estimate is tailored to address your project's specific needs.

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Our convenient, FREE In-Home Estimate gives you comprehensive pricing with no hidden fees.

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