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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Overview

Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly referred to as LVT, is a flooring option that has the natural look of stone or ceramic flooring with the resilience and durability of hard-wearing vinyl flooring. Through authentic looking visuals and a unique surface texture, LVT successfully mimics stone patterns to give a realistic appearance. With this combination, many people are unable to tell the difference between actual stone and Luxury Vinyl Tiles, which adds to the benefits of this vinyl flooring option including durability, easy maintenance, and moisture resistance.

Empire Today® offers a wide selection of patterns and colors to choose from, making luxury vinyl tile a versatile choice for any room and décor. Find out about other Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring considerations that can help you create the look you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Considerations

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring presents a cost-effective option for life like ceramic and stone visuals. Its construction provides durability, comfort and value. Luxury Vinyl Tile has three main components:

  • Finish Layer: A special top coat helps each tile resist wear, stains and abrasions. And it helps resist against mold and mildew. Finally, it adds texture to the surface for an authentic feel.
  • Visual Layer: This component of Luxury Vinyl Flooring contains a realistic image that bears the look of real ceramic or stone. Advanced manufacturing techniques have improved the reproduction of the visuals to the point where it's difficult to discern the visual difference between Luxury Vinyl Flooring and real Stone or Ceramic Tile.
  • Base Layer: The base layer forms approximately 65% of the total composite. An eco-friendly material, this component offers flexibility and dimensional stability, plus it helps makes it resistant to dents and moisture.

Grout is a material used to bond Luxury Vinyl Tiles and fill the spaces between them. But grout isn't just functional - it can form an important part of your room's décor. We offer designer grouts that can match or accent the Tile's color:

  • Coordinating Grout blends in with the Luxury Vinyl Tile, creating a more uniform look. This also places less focus on the grout because the lines are not as pronounced. Instead, visual focus is placed on the Tile itself.
  • Contrasting Grout creates a bold look that draws attention to the layout and pattern of the grout itself.

You can also install Luxury Vinyl Tile without grout to create a seamless, modern look.

LVT Flooring Care & Cleaning

Since LVT is a durable and easy to maintain flooring option, proper care and cleaning is simple:

  • Use felt pads to help protect your floor from furniture.
  • Sweep frequently -- loose dirt can cause abrasions on your floor’s surface.
  • Place protective mats at doorways to help keep dirt and moisture off your floor.
  • Avoid using rollers and castors.

For more tips, visit our Vinyl Floor Care & Maintenance area.

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