Porcelain Tile Flooring Overview

Empire Today® Porcelain Tile Flooring is constructed with color that runs throughout the entire Tile, from top to bottom, making it a “full-bodied” Tile with brilliant depth and character. These types of Tiles are outfitted with exceptional visual patterns that include detailed veins, speckles, grains and pores that are found in Natural Stone Tile Flooring products. The benefit of Porcelain Tile is its higher density, making it more durable -- providing higher impact resistance when objects are dropped onto the Tile. In addition, some Porcelain Tiles are frost resistant, which allows them to be installed in enclosed outdoor spaces. Over the past few years, Porcelain Tile has gained popularity among homeowners for its appearance and performance characteristics. Learn about Porcelain Tile Considerations and more about how this beautiful Flooring can enhance your home during your appointment.

Porcelain Tile Considerations

  • Porcelain Tile is a type of ceramic that provides added strength and moisture resistance. Porcelain is made from clay and a blend of minerals and water. These materials are pressed, molded and fired in a kiln at an extremely high temperature. The application of high pressure and immense heat process give Porcelain Tile its increased density and moisture resistance. The top of the Tile is treated with a color glaze that is repeatedly fired to provide the visual pattern that appears on the Tile’s surface. Since Porcelain Tile contains less moisture than Ceramic Tile, it can be used for indoor and enclosed outdoor spaces.

  • Texture: Porcelain Tile Flooring can mimic the authentic ridges, pores and grains found in natural stone products. The surface texture can even feel like a real piece of stone.
  • High Gloss: As its name implies, a high-gloss Porcelain Tile provides a shiny, reflective finish that is visually striking.
  • Chiseled or Straight Edges: A chiseled edge gives the appearance of naturally tumbled stone . It is more roughhewn and provides an old-world feel to the Porcelain Tile. A straight edge is cut to an “L” shape and provides a contemporary, clean look.

Porcelain Tile Flooring is specially designed to display color and texture variations that mimic natural stone visuals. The more similarly colored the Tiles, the more contiguous the look will be once installed. However, a highly varied color scheme provides a stunning impact and creates a bold statement.

  • Monochromatic patterns have Tiles that are consistent in shade and texture.
  • Moderate has some variation of shade and texture.
  • Extensive has a high variance of shades and textures.
  • Extreme has random shades and textures with significant visual variance among Tiles.

Maintenance Tips

  • Grout, the material used to fill spaces between Porcelain Tiles, requires ongoing maintenance. You must periodically clean it to remove surface build up.
  • Use a professional-strength product for heavy-duty Tile or grout cleaning.
  • Place pads on furniture legs to minimize abrasions and wear on your Porcelain Tile Flooring.
  • Place protective mats at doorways to help keep dirt and moisture off your floor. Similarly, adding mats in high-usage areas, such as near your kitchen sink or stove, will also help prevent wear.

For more tips, visit our Product Care area.

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