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Laminate Wood Flooring Overview

Wood Laminate Flooring has quickly become a popular flooring option because it is sensibly durable and a cost-effective alternative to traditional Hardwood Flooring. Wood Laminate Floors from Empire Today® are highly realistic in look and feel – the design can simulate almost any hardwood species and can be textured to mimic the feel of a wood plank.

In the past, it was apparent that Laminate Flooring was faux wood. However, technological advances have made it difficult to tell the difference between the finished appearance of Wood Laminate Flooring and real hardwood flooring. Through its unique construction, Laminate Wood Flooring is both versatile and hard-wearing. Find out more about Wood Laminate considerations during your in-home appointment.

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Laminate Wood Floor Considerations

Wood Laminate Flooring is made with layers that are fused together during a lamination process of heat and pressure. As a result, this flooring product has enhanced strength and stability that gives a highly realistic look of hardwood flooring. Wood Laminate Flooring is comprised of the following layers:

  • Top Layer: Finished to protect from fading, abrasions, wear and stains.
  • Visual Layer: Highly detailed and realistic photograph to give the natural look and texture of real wood.
  • Core Layer: Made from a high-density fiber board that provides strength and stability.
  • Bottom Layer: Melamine backer to provide stability.

With the advanced tongue-and-grove locking system, a tight seam is created among the planks during installation.

There are several styles of Laminate Flooring that achieve the look of narrow strip Flooring, wide strip Flooring, plank Flooring and more. Advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative technology has provided these options that allow Laminate Flooring to be even more realistic in look and feel. Beveled edge Laminate Flooring can be manufactured with a small “v” shape between each plank visual. This provides a highly realistic appearance because the v-shaped grooves look like the edges of planks. The result is a more authentic looking floor that has a very natural feel.

  • Embossed Finish: By embossing the floor’s surface, the actual wood grain finish can be emulated to create a texture that is more realistic to the touch. You can see the recognizable grain visual of an Oak Floor or the exotic grain visual of Brazilian Cherry. Embossing adds that extra level of detail to create a floor that can look better, longer.
  • Hand Scraped: Hand-scraped Laminate Flooring is made with a texture that resembles the natural look and appeal of worn Hardwood Flooring. The look is rustic and bold, yet timeless because it simulates the impeccable workmanship of a century-old finishing technique.
  • High Gloss: This finish provides an ultra-sleek and contemporary style for your Laminate Flooring. This bright, reflective finish, also known as a piano finish, has an extraordinary shine and adds a sense of brilliant drama to any room.

Just as carpet needs cushion, wood laminate flooring needs quality underlayment - by installing an underlayment beneath your Wood Laminate Flooring, you can experience the following benefits: 

  • Smooth out minor subfloor imperfections so you can be sure your floor will feel and remain level over time.
  • Reduces impact sound (traffic contacting the floor surface) and floor-to-ceiling noise (sounds from upstairs as well as downstairs).
  • Manages acceptable levels of moisture to prevent warping caused by humidity and water exposure.

Underlayment is utilized to provide extra cushioning and sound absorption for your Wood Laminate Flooring. Without underlayment, your new floor can be hard on your feet.

Floor Care & Maintenance Tips

  • Clean your Wood Laminate Flooring regularly with a (non-beater bar) vacuum cleaner or dust mop.
  • Consider color fill or color sealant to repair minor abrasions or other damage.
  • Place protective mats at doorways to help keep dirt and moisture off your Wood Laminate Flooring.
  • Avoid using rollers and castors.
  • Use felt pads to help protect your Flooring from furniture.

For more tips, visit our Laminate Flooring & Product Care area.

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