Protecting Your Floors from Exposure to Sunlight
Jun 1
Todd Johnson
Days are getting longer, temperatures will only be getting hotter and the sun rays will be streaming into your home through the windows. We love the long, hot days of summer, but our floors don’t. Not only can hot summer days impact your wallet with cooling expenses, but the sun can cause damage to your floors. Rugs, carpet and upholstery can fade with direct sunlight, while hardwoods, too, can begin to lighten with exposure to sunlight. Unlike us, you can’t slather sunscreen on your floors to protect them from the sun. So, what can you do to protect your floors from exposure to sunlight?

Your floors need TLC to protect them from fading and looking old before their time. Below are some helpful tips to help protect your flooring from exposure to sunlight now and in the summer.

“Switch Things Up” with Your Furniture and Rugs

Moving furniture and rugs around is a good way to ensure that all parts of your floor get an equal amount of sunlight. Periodically rearrange your area rugs and furniture to allow your flooring to age evenly. Exposure to the sun and UV rays accelerates the oxidation of Hardwood.  Some species will change colors drastically, especially in the first 90 days—some improve with sun, like Cherry or Brazilian, but most can fade in the sunlight. By periodically moving your furniture you can help to minimize and evenly distribute these changes.

Get Window Treatments

When it’s sunny out, you typically wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. While your floors can’t wear sunglasses, there is something else you can do to help protect them. Install window treatments such as roller shades, vertical blinds, mini blinds, or custom designed window shades to defend against fading floors. Keep your curtains closed on the sunniest side of your house during the sunniest part of the day. By doing this you can drastically cut down on any UV and infrared light reaching the floor. If you have horizontal slats, you can adjust the slats so they angle upwards allowing the sunlight to be directed towards the walls and ceiling instead of your floors—you can get light inside without direct damage to your floors!

Install Awnings over Windows

Have you ever seen someone at the beach with an umbrella? They use it for protection from the sun and you can do this for your home, too. Instead of an umbrella for your home it would be an awning over each of your windows—this might be one of the best ways to stop the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your floors. Window awnings block the sun’s rays before they even reach your windows. They come in retractable or fixed designs, and in different materials and styles to suit the needs of every home.

Sunlight damage and fading can happen, however it can also be easily avoidable. Try minimizing the amount of damaging sunlight your floors are subjected to, while also balancing the amount of light different parts of your floors are exposed to so that all areas blend well together. Don’t let he sun get the best of your floors—start with preventative maintenance today!
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