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Woven Wood and Fabric Shades

Woven & Roller Window Shades Overview

If you are looking for texture or softness, Woven Wood & Fabric Window Shades can introduce a good balance of an organic element or just the right touch of decorative fabric into your room. These Shades work well as a subtle backdrop for drapery, provide privacy and light control, and coordinate with the unique style of your room. There is a deluge of fabric, style, and function options to choose from to create your custom look. Your Sales Representative can help you choose the product that best fits your needs – Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Window Shading or Woven Wood Blinds.

Woven Wood & Fabric Considerations

Roman Shades are a type of Fabric Shade that folds into horizontal pleats when the Shade is raised. As the Shade is lowered, the fabric unfolds like a waterfall until it hangs flat, hence the name Flat Roman Shade. This Window Treatment fits well in a traditional décor or can be the perfect addition to your contemporary or transitional home. Available in assortment of designer fabric patterns and colors, Roman Shades can coordinate with almost any color scheme.

Fabric Roller Shades are constructed of a continuous piece of fabric rolled around a barrel, which allows the Shade to be compact and offer unobstructed views when raised. Roller Shades can be both practical and fashionable. They can provide privacy and help control light, and the wide array of fabric options and textures allow you to coordinate your Shades with almost any décor. The sleek appearance that Roller Shades provide when lowered have made them a favorite for modern designs, but they also look great layered with drapery for a more traditional look.

Window Shadings combine the beauty of a Fabric Shade and the functionality of a Blind. Soft, translucent fabric slats float between two sheer panels, allowing light to filter into the room while still maintaining a level of privacy. Their unique construction provides the same fluid quality as sheers with the structured look of Blinds, and can be customized to narrow widths accommodating sidelight windows. Window Shadings provide a great single Window Treatment alternative to pairing a traditional Blind with drapery or curtains. Plus, Window Shadings can provide ultraviolet (UV) protection when fully lowered with vanes in the open position; this feature can also help protect your Carpet, Flooring and furniture from fading.

Woven Wood Blinds are made from, bamboo, wood, bark and other natural materials, and are fashionable Window Treatments that bring a warm, natural feel to any room. Like a Roman Shade, they tuck inward when raised, and when lowered, they unfold like a waterfall until they hang flat. A visually striking Window Treatment option, Woven Wood Blinds feature a variety of reeds, grasses and woods that can bring texture and dimension to any window.

Customize your Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Window Shading or Woven Wood Blinds to fit your needs. Depending on the product style you select, some features and options may include:

  • Continuous Cord: Replaces dangling cords with a loop to provide a neater appearance.
  • Cord Cleats: Allow you to keep cords out of the reach and can help prevent accidents.
  • Cord Tensioner: Helps keep cord loops out of reach of children and pets.
  • Two-on-One Head Rail: Mounts two Shades on a single head rail – great for a series of windows.
  • Decorative Trim: Designer fabric edging finishes the ends of your Woven Wood Blinds and provides a designer look.
  • Remote Control: Allows operation without the use of cord. A motorized mechanism allows you control your Window Treatments with a remote or wall switch.
  • Blackout Liner: Obstruct the view from the outside and reduce the amount of light coming into the room..
  • Light Filtering Liner: Softly filters light into the room and is ideal for rooms where you would like some illumination of sunlight. Available for Woven Wood Blinds.
  • Fabric Covered Head Rail: Creates a tailored appearance that conceals the Shade hardware and operating system, by placing fabric over the Shade’s head rail.

Window Treatment Cleaning & Care

  • Occasionally feather dust or vacuum your Woven & Fabrics Shades.
  • Use compressed air to whisk away dust that may accumulate on the surface of your Window Treatments.
  • You can use a hair dryer on a cool setting to help remove dust.

For more tips, visit our Window Treatment Cleaning & Care area.

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Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.