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Real & Faux Woods

Real & Faux Woods Overview

Real & Faux Wood Blinds are a versatile style of Window Treatments that can coordinate with any decorating style. Real Wood Blinds are crafted of basswood and other North American hardwoods that are stained or painted for a sophisticated finished look. Wooden Blinds provide an upscale, refined look to almost any room in your home. Faux Wood Window Blinds resemble real wood in appearance and texture, but are made from a composite instead of wood. Faux Wood Blinds are a great budget-friendly alternative to Wood Blinds. Both Real & Faux Wood Blinds deliver an inviting feel to any room. Available in dark wood tones, medium stains, and painted neutrals, Real or Faux Wood Blinds work well with most any decorating style – from casual to modern.

Real & Faux Wood Considerations

Real Wood Blinds are made from basswood or North American hardwood and bring depth and character to your home’s décor. Choose from options including stained and painted colors. Real Wood Blinds provide light control and are lightweight but durable.

Faux Wood Blinds offer the look of wood at a lower price. Place these blinds in high humidity rooms, like Kitchens and Baths, or rooms requiring less expensive decoration. Empire® offers an assortment of whites, neutrals and stained wood looks. The stains mimic the natural texture and grain of Wood Blinds. Faux Wood Blinds provide light control and they can be stain, soil and fade resistant.

  • Slat Sizes: We offer slats ranging from 1” to 3” in width. Smaller width slats have a more traditional look, while the wider slats provide a more unobstructed view when open.
  • Painted Finish: White painted colors tones make your Real Wood Blinds look clean and crisp. Plus, the neutral color palette is versatile enough to match almost any décor. Faux Wood Blinds are available in solid neutral finishes that mimic the look of a painted wood, except the color runs through the entire slat.
  • Stained Finish: Ranging from light oak to almost black walnut, the wide range of stain colors can make it easy to coordinate with your home’s existing Flooring, millwork and cabinetry.
  • Cloth Tape: Cloth tape is stylish and functional. It allows you to provide a decorative addition to Blinds with color and texture, and it covers the cord ladder and can provide more light control when the Blinds are closed.
  • Solid Slats: Real & Faux Wood Blinds without holes for the cord ladder allow for greater privacy and light control and provide a cleaner look.
  • Remote Control: Allows you to operate your Blinds with the click of a button. This is convenient for rooms with a large number or windows.
  • Wand Tilt Control: Eliminates the control cords. Instead, you open and close your Blinds with a plastic wand.
  • Continuous Cord Loop: Allows you to raise, lower, open and close your Blinds using a continuous looped cord. This may help eliminate loose hanging chords that might be concerning for child and pet safety.
  • Cord Cleats: Allow you to anchor and tie back cords to the wall. They are designed to help make cords out of reach of children and pets.

Window Treatment Cleaning & Care

  • Dust regularly using a duster or hand-held vacuum cleaner.
  • Some products can be cleaned with a damp cloth moistened with water.
  • Clean Real Wood & Faux Wood products with a feather duster, clean cloth or dusting mitt.
  • Some products can be dusted with a hair dryer set on the cool setting.

For more tips, visit our Window Treatment Cleaning & Care area.

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Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.
Financing Available subject to credit approval. see financing details.