The Most Popular Kitchen Gadget in Every State

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In the spirit of making your life easier, we decided to take a look at the most popular kitchen gadgets nationwide. Using Google Shopping search interest data, we determined the most popular kitchen gadget in each state, across the board, and on the busiest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check them out below – our findings might surprise you.

The Most Searched-For Kitchen Gadget in Every State

The most popular kitchen gadget in every state.

Let’s start with beverage related kitchen gadgets. Despite being on opposite ends of the East Coast, South Carolina and Maine seem to have a common love for the blender, as it’s the most searched kitchen gadget in these states. Illinois and North Dakota are also on the fruit-based beverage bandwagon, given that the juicer is the most-searched kitchen appliance in both states.

We then wondered which states housed the most coffee addicts and weren’t disappointed by what we found. Many Midwestern states, like Iowa, Michigan, or Wisconsin, seemed to prefer a cup of coffee or cappuccino to a smoothie or juice. The same goes for those from Alabama, Utah, and Pennsylvania, where coffee-related kitchen gadgets also rank as the most-searched items.

As for interesting trends pertaining to other useful kitchen gadgets, it’s safe to say that zoodles are a huge craze all over the country, given that the spiralizer is the most-searched kitchen gadget in D.C., Virginia, and Georgia, California, Alaska, and Nebraska. We definitely get it – they’re delicious and nutritious. What more could you want?

If you live by the phrase, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” there’s a good chance you’re from one of the states where waffle makers and bacon presses are the most-searched items. The top-searched kitchen gadget in Florida and Washington is the bacon press, whereas it is the waffle maker for both Arkansas and Idaho.

The Most Searched-For Kitchen Gadgets in the U.S.

The most searched for kitchen gadgets in the U.S.

We were also curious about which kitchen gadgets were most popular across the board. In this category, the spiralizer took the cake, ranking as the most searched item in 5 states. As for second place, it was a tie between the food processor and air fryer.

But if you’re into less mainstream kitchen gadgets, like Woks, Salad Spinners, or Panini Presses, you’re not alone – at least not completely. These were some of the least searched gadgets overall; however, they had the most search interest in Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Kansas, respectively.

The Most Searched-For Kitchen Gadgets for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The most searched-for kitchen gadgets for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Oddly enough, when we looked at Black Friday and Cyber Monday searches in particular, our findings were a bit different. In this category, the Instant Pot took the cake. One possible explanation for this could be that, in late November, people begin preparing for soup season.

The Instant Pot was followed by the air fryer, which is not too much of a surprise given that it also tied for second in the overall most-searched category. In addition to the instant pot and air fryer, coffee makers, blenders, and stand mixers also made the short list of most-searched black Friday kitchen gadgets.

Does your state’s most popular kitchen gadget align with your gadget of choice? If not, which state should you move to based on your favorite kitchen gadget?