Top 3 Wood Laminate Flooring Trends


wood laminate trends

Each year styles change. Our merchandising team talked with manufacturers and distributors from around the world, and most importantly, listened to customers to make sure what we have in our catalog is the latest and greatest. Here is what we found! With a range of rich styles and attractive, distressed looks on the radar, it is an enticing time to stage a flooring revolution! From gray and beige tones to distressed, reclaimed wood looks, Laminate floors are beautiful, fashionable, and practical.

Here are some of the hottest trends in wood laminate flooring we carry that might help you get your creativity flowing for transforming your space:


The New Neutral—Gray Tones

Gray continues to remain at the top of the list for flooring design trends in 2015. Whether it is for cabinets, walls, fixtures or flooring, it’s no surprise that gray is in! It’s a great neutral that can provide a cooler, but still neutral alternative to typically warm stains. Gray tones are universal, providing a stylish and modern look that works well in many décor styles. No matter what gray tone you choose, the use of gray flooring can give your home a fresh, new look that is both sensible and timeless.


Distressed, Reclaimed Wood-Looks

It seems everything old is new again! Color isn’t the only trend to consider when updating your flooring. Today, the distressed and reclaimed wood look is trending for laminate flooring—there’s an undeniable, enduring beauty to reclaimed wood. Think of floors that are typically found in an old barn or former urban warehouse then make them new again. The distressed, reclaimed wood look of laminate Flooring offers beautiful textures and dramatic depth of colors, including hand-scraped and wire-brushed styles.

The advanced technology of Laminate can mimic he look of distressed, reclaimed wood—many people might have a hard time telling the difference between real barn wood and laminate! Layers are fused together during a lamination process of heat and pressure, to give a highly realistic look of distressed, reclaimed wood-looks of laminate flooring. Hand scraped laminate flooring is made with a texture that resembles the natural look and appeal of worn hardwood flooring. Its rustic and bold, yet timeless look simulates the impeccable workmanship of century-old finishing techniques.

If you are looking for an old, distressed look, then you should check out New Laminate Flooring offered by Empire Today manufactured in the USA.


Wide Planks for “Higher-End” Looks

Wide plank floors match a historical design that is matched with a fresh style. To this day, wide plank flooring continues to be a popular choice for homeowners, as many people believe it makes a floor look “higher-end.” With a width of anything over 5 inches, wide planks look better than ever. Adding wide plank flooring can help update any room for character and beaut.

From neutral gray tones to wide planks and distressed, reclaimed wood-looks, the new laminate flooring trends of 2015 can help you breathe new life into old interior design trends with softer, unexpected color palettes and textures.  Get started on your next flooring project today by adding wide planks, distressed wood-looks, or neutral gray tones!

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