These Bedrooms Get the Royal Treatment with Soft, Plush Carpet

City/State: Mashpee, MA

Flooring Type: Plush Carpet

Product/Color: Parlor/Contour

Rooms: Upstairs Bedrooms, Stairway

For a timeless look, this upstairs living area was given the royal treatment with plush carpet. For that soft, comfy feel, plush is the way to go. Not only is it stain-resistant, but it’s also resistant to pet urine to keep these carpets looking and smelling fresh and new for the long haul. And for a busy family life, nothing beats these strong, durable yet soft fibers that are no match for high traffic.


Knowing this was the right choice for their home, this family opted for the Parlor style of plush carpet in the Contour color.


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