Laminate Manufactured in the USA: All New

Paul Carter, Executive Vice President of Operations at Empire Today, demonstrates the new Laminate Manufactured in the USA. This new Laminate collection perfectly combines style, safety, and durability.


The video begins with Paul describing the new laminate in detail.

“People love the look of hardwood because of its rich, timeless appearance. However, hardwood floors are not always in everyone’s budget, or installable everywhere in your home. What if I told you the new collection of laminate made exclusively for Empire Today not only looks like genuine hardwood, but is affordable, can be installed in more places throughout a home, and is built to stand up to life’s challenges. Plus, this collection is manufactured right here in the USA from North American hardwood. Sounds great, right?

Hi, my name is Paul Carter. Today, I’m gonna show you the new laminate collection I just know you’re going to want in your home. Like I just mentioned, our latest line of laminate offered by Empire is manufactured in the USA from North American hardwood. Why should this matter to you? Two words: safety and quality.

This laminate is produced with No Added Formaldehyde (NAF), a chemical sometimes found in flooring originating overseas that can contaminate the air quality in your home. You can have peace of mind knowing that these quality floors help keep you and your family safe because of the strict regulations in place for American manufacturers to help maintain the air quality in your home.

This laminate collection is truly beautiful. Whether you’re looking for classic wood tones, modern styles, reclaimed textures, or fashion-forward exotics, these laminates will elevate your room into an irresistible living space. The technology used to make this floor is so advanced – each plank virtually mimic’s genuine wood’s texture, knots, and ridges.

Homeowners are often telling us how their family and friends mistake this new floor for genuine hardwood in how well these floors enhance the look of their home.

The laminate collection not only looks beautiful on the outside, it’s built to perform on the inside. With the highest durability rating for residential interiors, this new laminate lets you live your life on your new floors without worry. But don’t just take my word for it. These floors are backed by five different industry-leading manufacturer limited warranties. Including 30 year limited wear, stain, fade, topical moisture, and structure. That’s five different warranty levels! These floors are really built to last.

Plus, maintaining laminate is a breeze. Remove loose dirt with a vacuum or dust mop, then use soap-free laminate cleaners to finish it off.

You get durability, style, and a floor that’s manufactured in the USA, all for a great price.

Now that you’re dreaming of new floors, it’s time to see this beautiful laminate manufactured in the USA for yourself.

Give us a call or go online to schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate. Thanks for watching!”

You’ve seen the demo. Nothing beats seeing it in the context of your home:

More information on the new laminate manufactured in the USA styles, collections, and uses can be found on the Empire site.

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