Quick Flooring Cleanup Ideas for Summer

Summer means kids at the pool or beach. Hopefully, it also means you’re out there enjoying yourself too! That being said, what’s worse than dealing with wet floors when you get back home from enjoying some wet summer fun? Whether it be carpet, tile, or wood, cleaning up big messes like that is never fun, nor is it ever easy. Here are some quick flooring cleanup ideas for summer.

flooring cleanup ideas


Dry Those Kids Down!

Avoid getting anything wet as best as you can. With kids being kids, that’s not an easy thing to do. So instead of having kids drop their towels right on the floor, have towel hooks waiting by the door or in the garage for easy access. Hanging up wet towels can seem like hard work to a kid, but the risk of having a soggy towel sit forever on the ground can do a lot of damage. Give them the easy access so that hanging up a towel doesn’t really seem like that much work at all.


Act Fast with Wet Floors

There are a lot of ways to clean up a wet floor. Soaking up as much of the water with a dry towel is your best bet. It will take a lot of time and a whole lot of effort because just a small amount of water can lead to mildew when it comes to carpet. Even if it feels like you have gotten every bit of it, take a few more minutes just to be extra sure. You never know. It might save you from some stress in the long run.


Find a Professional

Sometimes there are lost causes. Sometimes water issues can go unnoticed. Whether it be a stain on the wood or a completely soaked carpet, things can happen. If there are major problems, sometimes it really is best to seek out a professional. Know what’s going on with your floors before you get your floors treated. This helps save both money and time in the long run.

The best way to deal with wet floors is to avoid getting your floors wet in the first place. But if there is a real problem, evaluate before you call in the big guns.

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