How to Help Prevent Dogs from Damaging Hardwood Floors

Nothing destroys the elegance and beauty of hardwood floors like dog scratches. Even if your dog just walks across this type of flooring, they can cause unsightly and permanent scratches. 

If you’re looking to learn how to protect hardwood floors from dogs, you’ve come to the right place. Our team from Empire Today will show you how to keep dogs from scratching hardwood floors and keep your floors looking beautiful for years to come.

prevent dogs from damaging hardwood

Do Dogs Scratch Wood Floors?

Despite their name, some hardwood floors are technically pretty soft and are easily scratched, with engineered hardwoods often generally harder than natural hardwood floors. Give it a try with your fingernail. Your fingernails are only a “2” on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (which goes all the way to 8) and can sometimes leave a mark with just a little bit of pressure.

A dog’s claws are just about as hard as a fingernail, but are much thicker. So all that “clacking” across your floors is bound to do some damage over time. There are steps you can take, however, to protect your floor. 

Follow the tips below on how to protect hardwood floors from dogs.

Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Clip Your Dog’s Nails Often

Your first line of defense in the fight against damage to your floors is keeping your dog’s nails trimmed. Indoor dogs are especially at risk for growing long nails very quickly, so you’ll want to keep them trimmed using dog clippers and files. Just make sure you don’t cut too close to the skin or you may injure your dog.

Consider Runners for High-Traffic Areas

If your dog has a favorite room in the house—next to the living room window, in the entryway, or in the kitchen—consider purchasing rugs or runners. It’s no surprise that these high-traffic areas are more prone to damage, so a rug or runner is a great way to protect hardwood floors from dogs.

Clean Up Any Accidents Immediately

Hardwood floors are very susceptible to damage from moisture and standing water. So if your furry friend has an accident on your floors, it’s important to clean it up quickly. Either mop up accidents, messes, and tracks promptly, or put down a waterproof, dog-proof hardwood floor finish.

Keep Hardwood Floors Finished

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to protect your hardwood floors from dogs is to finish them properly. While a good quality stain will help protect against moisture, spills, and accidents, they don’t help with scratch resistance. 

A more durable solution for dog nails and hardwood floor protection is a varnish or a lacquer. Each of these adds durability, but you will need to apply a few coats for maximum protection. Be careful, though, as these finishes are tricky to apply indoors due to the vapors, and you’ll have to stay off of the floors the whole time they’re drying.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, effective, and user-friendly, consider waxes and acrylic finishes. Acrylic is the easier of the two to apply, remove, and maintain, but both dramatically improve scratch resistance.

Invest in Dog Nail Coverings

If all else fails, you can protect softer hardwood floors from dog claw scratches by putting nail coverings or booties over your dog’s paws. These types of coverings are generally comfortable and padded, making them a perfect barrier between the dog’s nails and your floors.

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