Be the Talk of the Town with NEW Ocean Villa Exotic Hardwood Flooring

ocean villa hardwood

Here we go again! We’re adding even more beautiful engineered hardwood styles to our collection. Our newest wood floor is called Ocean Villa, and it has “the look” that will make your home stand out from others.

We have lots of customers that want wood floors that look different than traditional oak floors that you see in many homes. Well, Ocean Villa Exotic Hardwood Flooring is the answer.

Notice the word “exotic” in the name… that means these styles are not your run-of-the-mill wood floors – they look unusual (and super, duper AWESOME)! See for yourself in our brand new demonstration video.

The variations in color and grain patterns of exotic hardwood flooring help to create bolder looks for your floors. From light tan to deep, dark patterns, Ocean Villa Exotic Hardwood comes in three striking styles:

Acacia: Distinct Wavy Grain

ocean villa engineered hardwoodIf you are in search of flooring that doesn’t look like everyone else’s floors, look no further! Acacia can bring excitement and a one-of-a-kind design to your home with its distinct wavy grain and marbled coloration that ranges from light tan to dark brown or olive. Think about the unique appearance of a loaf of marble bread—that’s Acacia’s coloring! Acacia’s contrasting light and dark hues gives the illusion of movement in your room—it’ll keep the conversation going at your next get-together.


Brazilian Cherry: Color Like No Other

ocean villa engineered hardwoodBrazilian Cherry is one of the most popular imported species of hardwood flooring in homes today. Its wavy grain and deep red to orange-brown colors with dark streaks offers a unique, rich coloration that make this wood floor beautifully one-of-a-kind! Unlike your neighbor’s traditional oak hardwood floors that might fade with exposure to sunlight, Brazilian Cherry’s coloring actually improves with the presence of sunlight – its color actually can keep looking better as time passes. As Brazilian Cherry Exotic Hardwood Floors are exposed to sunlight, the colors deepen into rich shades of dark red, crimson, or burgundy—can your neighbor’s floor do that? I don’t think so!


Sapele: African Mahogany… Now that’s Exotic!

ocean villa engineered hardwoodHave you ever wished that more things than just fine wine got better with age? So do I. However, there might be one area we have overlooked for improving with age: your flooring. Yes, that is correct! Ocean Villa Exotic Hardwood Flooring’s Sapele does just that. Over time and with exposure to sunlight, similar to Brazilian Cherry, the Mahogany and brownish-orange colors of Sapele turn to a richer and darker brown—at least something gets better with age and sunlight!



Exotic Engineered Hardwood: Transformative and Inviting

This type of wood is typically used to create fine furniture and cabinets, but it also looks amazing as a wood floor. Ocean Villa Exotic Hardwood Flooring can add sophistication to your home while also transforming any space into a beautiful, inviting room. Be prepared to be the talk of the town with Ocean Villa Exotic Hardwood Flooring’s unique Acacia, Brazilian Cherry or Sapele color options.

To view samples and learn more about Ocean Villa Exotic Hardwood Flooring’s unique, one-of-a-kind coloring and grain mixtures, schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate today.

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