Make Everyday a Little More Modern with Meridian Luxury Vinyl Tile

Everywhere you look on Pinterest and in varying fashion/design/lifestyle magazines, the word is there: Modern. What exactly does this identifier mean when we’re talking about a luxury vinyl tile floor?


luxury vinyl tile

With self-driving cars and an increased focus on eco-efficiency, modern style often feels inspired by futuristic concepts, sleek designs, and bold earth tones. It also seems to include a fusion of industrial looks, simplistic palettes, and practicality. With that said, we have to let the product speak for itself.

Meridian Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is inherently modern. Armed with a gentle balance of earth tones, durable construction, and easy cleaning – Meridian looks on trend without losing its sense of practicality.

Meridian combines the durability and comfort of luxury vinyl tile with nature-inspired looks to create a floor that offers the ideal balance of beauty, durability and ease of care. The 12” x 24” size provides a stylish and modern feel that will look great for years to come.

LVT is booming in popularity. Maybe it’s the way it mimics the look natural stone and tile, yet feels warm and soft underfoot. There’s also moisture resistance and less chance of a dents and scratches with LVT. Here’s what we love about Meridian LVT:


Custom Beauty in Three Forms


meridian luxury vinyl tile

Meridian Luxury Vinyl Tile is available in three distinct colors – Brownstone, Forest Fog, and Light Gray. You decide what fits best in your den, dining room, bathroom, or laundry room. If you’re aiming for a more lively texture, Meridian can be installed with or without grout. No grout generally takes less time to install, so you can have a stone or tile look without a long wait. Meridian LVT as nice on the feet as it is on the eyes.


Manufactured in the USA


made in the USA luxury vinyl tile

Meridian is manufactured in the USA, so you can be sure the product has undergone rigid quality control tests and assembled with environmentally-friendly materials. This LVT is built to last for many years in your home. Superior abrasion, dent, and stain resistance let Meridian withstand most daily wear and tear. Live in comfort and security, knowing your floor was born close to home.


Easy to Look After


luxury vinyl tile

Coated with an advanced aluminum oxide layer, Meridian LVT is protected by everyday spills and is exceptionally easy to clean. Unlike an exotic hardwood species, luxury vinyl tile can handle liquids with less deteriorating risk. A mop or clean, dry rag are virtually all you need on hand with LVT.

Make everyday a little more modern with Meridian Luxury Vinyl Tile. The size, feel, and modern look will make nearly any home a joy to live in. And there’s no complicated cleaning process. Sound like a floor you might enjoy?

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