Flooring Trends in 2021

2021 Flooring Trends That Are Expected to Stick Around for Years

Flooring is the foundation of every room. And while other interior finishes have shorter trends, due to their ease to change out or mix and match, flooring trends tend to stick around much longer.

For example, the clean and minimal styles that are actually a throw-back are executed differently today, often including bold patterns in permanent finishes, the new neutral of gray, and small accent areas to give more dimension and interest.

With so many flooring options to choose from it can be hard to make the best decision for your home. To help you choose floors that will be both on-trend and stylish for the long haul, here are the 2021 flooring trends that are expected to last for years to come.

1. Marble Look Flooring

Marble flooring is nothing new, but it’s recently gained even more popularity. If you’re concerned about the maintenance of having genuine stone flooring, don’t give up just yet. You can achieve the luxurious look of marble with a vinyl tile or ceramic, so you won’t have to fret spills or heavy traffic.

Marble Look Flooring

2. Textured Wood Looks

Adding texture to wood flooring gives it an authentic appeal that’s full of character. This is something you’d typically find with solid hardwood. However, it is now being seen on various wood looks. Wirebrushed, handscraped, and distressed textures can be achieved on vinyl plank and laminate flooring, which makes them even harder to distinguish from the real deal.

Wirebrushed texture gives smoother visuals for flooring that doesn’t look unfinished. It also makes it easier to hide dirt, making it low maintenance.

Distressed flooring has the perfect rustic charm with its scratches, knots, and burns. It’s ideal for farmhouse and industrial designs!

Handscraped flooring also has an aged, worn look. However, it has a fully finished visual that provides a timeless and expensive style. This is one texture that is quite popular and is expected to continue growing.

Textured Wood Looks


3. Wide Planks

Wide planks can give a clean and minimalistic design. This is especially beneficial if you’re remodeling a small space. Narrow planks mean more lines and a busy floor. By having wide planks, your floors will be simple and give the illusion of a bigger space.

4. Light Tones 

Dark colors have been the wave for a while, but light colors are making an impact in the flooring game. On top of making your space appear more open, they give your home an airy appeal that’s more welcoming. Blondes and white-washed floors also make it easier to match with other décor. Bonus: light-colored flooring tends to show less dirt than dark flooring.

5. White Oak Flooring

White oak is becoming more popular than red oak flooring, thanks to it being more modern. In addition to having less graining, it easily takes grey and/or lighter stains. This is because red oak has pinkish or reddish undertones. White oak flooring is expected to be in many homes in the coming years, matching almost any hot home design.

6. Wood Look and Stone Look Tile 

Ceramics are no longer confined to moisture-prone rooms. With wood looks on a consistent rise, it’s no surprise that homeowners want to combine this modern flooring style with the durability of porcelain tile.

Stone flooring can make any home have a touch of sophistication. But it’s not the best choice for rooms with heavy traffic or high moisture. Tile can replicate the sought-after look of stone without the headache of upkeep. Plus, it’s a fraction of the cost!

7. Bold Carpet 

Carpet may not be the first choice when you think of contemporary flooring ideas for 2021. However, it’s time to stop thinking of carpet as dated or out of style. In fact, vibrant-colored fibers can add a bold touch to your home for a fun and lively finish!

Pattern carpet has always been a favorite in the carpet category. More specifically, geometric shapes will be the “it” design. Geometrics are trending throughout home décor elements and adding it to your flooring gives the room both a flair and soft touch.

Bold Carpet

8.  American Hardwood Flooring

Hickory, maple, and oak are going strong in 2021! Whether it’s due to them being locally sourced and less expensive or easier to achieve a cool tone than exotic woods, these woods are being requested more and more by American homeowners.

American Hardwood Flooring

9. Waterproof Flooring 

Your kitchen can now have a beautiful wood-look without worrying about every splash of water or liquid. Your toddler running rampant and dropped yet another cup of juice? No worries! A waterproof laminate or vinyl plank can withstand the spills, giving you a peace of mind and your home a sense of style.

Waterproof Flooring

10. Eco-Friendly Flooring 

The mission to lower carbon footprints has been a huge factor in many households. Flooring that is responsibly manufactured and even recyclable is a new wave that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. What’s even better is eco friendly flooring that is both recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

11. Highs and Lows: Play with Variations 

High variations display authenticity but, depending on your décor, they may be a bit too loud for your space. With simplicity being the current go-to design method, low variations are increasingly being implemented into home designs. This doesn’t mean high variations are out! Instead, it gives you the chance to play with variations depending on your personal taste.

Floor Variation

2021 Flooring Ideas Are All About You 

As you can see, there are tons of flooring ideas to explore! The most important thing is you choose what’s best for your personal taste and household’s needs. Also, make sure it’s properly installed as this can make or break the finished look and overall design of your home. Start with a FREE In-Home Estimate from the pros you can trust to get the job done. If you want to see what others have said about us, head over to our Shopper Approved page where you can find thousands of trusted reviews.



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