Flooring for Entryways and Mudrooms

Entryway and Mudroom Flooring Options for Modern Living

So, you’re thinking about remodeling your entryway? Entryways and mudrooms can be the first place you see when you enter a home. Yes, style matters, but functionality matters even more because these rooms are the respite between the harsh outside elements and the defined interior of your home. Maybe we’re biased because, after all, we are “floor people,” but we know entryways and mudrooms have special considerations when it comes to flooring, and we think they should (and can) make a great impression. Before you go all “Pinterest” on one of the most used rooms in your home, check out this advice from a real-world flooring pro.

You Need Soil and Water-Resistant Flooring

Even the best welcome mats and boot trays can leave your entryway floor exposed to tracked in dirt and moisture. As a practical room, entryways get particularly dirty, especially during the fall and winter (or summer, if you’re lucky enough to live near a beach). Entryways need flooring that is soil and water-resistant, plus easy to clean.

Consider Heavy Traffic

These rooms are generally busy areas, especially in busy households with kids and pets, so the floor needs to be able to stand up to high foot traffic. For many folks, entryways are challenging to outfit with flooring as these rooms are vulnerable to damage from daily use. Bottom line, the flooring you select must be appropriate to the utility of the space in order to avoid damage. 

Because of this, you should look for flooring that is scratch, scuff, and wear resistant. Your dog’s claws or kids’ game of tag won’t be such a bother if you have the right floors to withstand them.

Your Flooring Style

Peruse Pinterest and you’ll find endless ideas for stylish entryway and mudroom decorating. Since this room is the first thing people see when they enter your home, most homeowners want it to make a good first impression. How can you make a room that stores dirty shoes and bulky jackets look beautiful? Trust us, it’s possible – and what we do every day. There are plenty of flooring options that work for utility and design. You can also check out our blog for inspiration.

Wood Looks without the Hassle of Hardwood

A 100% waterproof laminate or vinyl plank can take away the headache of cleaning snow, rain, or mud while having a range of wood styles that will wow your guests the moment they enter your home. They’re the perfect solution for those who want the timeless characteristic of hardwood without the worry of maintenance. These wood looks are also remarkably durable, so scratches and scuffs won’t come easy despite your busy family. 

Which look you should choose is completely up to you! Aim for the style and color that best matches your personal taste.

Tile and Stone Looks

Tile looks are common choices for both entryways and mudrooms. Combined with inherent water resistance, they come in an array of styles that can achieve both traditional and contemporary designs. One thing to consider with tile and stone is the grout: in an entryway or mudroom, constant traffic of dirt and grime can easily stain the grout and diminish the beautiful look of the floor. Consistent sealing of grout would be a necessity for tile in these spaces, but luckily, sealing tile and grout is a snap and totally DIY!

Don’t think you’re restricted to porcelain and ceramic to achieve a tile look! Check out this water-resistant sheet vinyl’s hexagon tile design. When you layer in the elements you’re likely to have in your entryway or mudroom—like shoe cabinets, benches, and big baskets to catch all of your stuff—it can be hard to tell the difference between porcelain tile and sheet vinyl with the same look. That’s because the technologies in manufacturing and printing have come so far since your grandmother’s sheet vinyl…the visual and texture of sheet vinyl is impressive these days.

Stone has a sophisticated look that’s virtually on every homeowner’s wish list.  However, genuine stone flooring can be a nuisance, easily chipping and even risking discoloration when exposed to water and moisture. Thankfully, vinyl tile can achieve the same luxurious visuals without any of the drawbacks. Like vinyl plank, it can be 100% waterproof, so there’s no need for an immediate perturbation when your floors face those inevitable wet footprints.

What to Remember

We understand that style is an important factor when remodeling your mudrooms and entryways. However, the best floors are the ones that can encompass the looks you desire and practicality you need. With outside elements being brought into your mudroom and entryway, it’s important you have flooring that’s easy to clean and can handle moisture. On top of that, your busy family needs floors that can withstand heavy traffic without easily ruining. 

Empire Today knows just how important it is to get floors that fit your family’s needs without relinquishing your design goals. That’s why we carry 100s of flooring styles that are both chic and functional. See samples in your home with a free in-home consultation. Make sure you check out our blog for more helpful tips and if you have any questions reach out to one of our flooring professionals. If you want to see what others have said about us, head over to our Shopper Approved page where you can find thousands of trusted reviews.


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