Empire’s Best Award Winners March 2021

We’re thrilled to announce the winners for Empire’s Best Award. These employees have exemplified the true meaning of lending a helping hand. Each Empire team member went out of their way to support their peers when they saw they were in dire need. Want to know how far they were willing to go? Keep reading to learn about March’s Empire’s Best winners.

Correna Russell (Installation Coordinator) 

Best Traits: Personal Ownership

Correna’s team was short staffed, and despite being on PTO for the day, she volunteered to fill in with a helping hand. Her selflessness made for a smoother workday, helping everyone complete their job with ease. Another great example of taking personal ownership and how it helps the rest of the team… nicely done, Correna!


General Office Associate

Best Traits: Personal Ownership

When a safety issue arose at the Denver office, an associate voluntarily took the right steps to make sure everyone followed safety protocol to ensure no one was harmed. Her quick thinking and careful planning allowed for a calm and safe resolution. She went above and beyond, even working a 16-hour day to guarantee the office was up and running once the issue was fixed.

Taking personal ownership is one of our core values, and she is absolutely an example to us all with her decisive actions and quick thinking in a stressful situation!


Warehouse Supervisor

Best Traits: Personal Ownership

A warehouse supervisor went above and beyond to ensure his team had the necessary material to fulfill an order, driving from his home to the warehouse on his day off. It didn’t end there; he also stayed and unloaded a truck that had just delivered new materials. Talk about dedication! This is truly another outstanding example of taking personal ownership.


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