Empire’s Best Award November 2020

November was a month for showing how grateful you are for the things that matter the most. While we are always thankful for everyone on the Empire Today® team, a couple of them deserve extra plaudits for their dedication to living the Empire Way.

This month, we had two Empire’s Best award winners who both helped implement a system that makes getting new floors even easier. Empire® is all about convenience, so it’s only fitting that we recognize these two employees for helping us further our mission.

Keep reading to learn more about our best!

Getting to Know Empire’s Best

Developer – Chicago Market 

This Empire team member developed a new process, which helped improve training for new software. They identified potential problems prior to negative impact, ensuring that system launch requirements were met. Their flexibility and drive to support the team led to the success of everyone involved. 

Andrea Plants-Szenderski – Academy Leader for Learning and Development

 Andrea took on teaching a new system which would typically be seen as tedious and overwhelming. Through her enthusiasm and optimistic vibrancy, she embraced the challenge and transformed it into her expertise. She now passes down her knowledge to her team with no complaints, even working overtime to ensure everyone is fully equipped to make beautiful new floors easy.

 We asked her a few questions to understand what drives her to go the extra mile for Empire Today.

How long have you been working at Empire? 

Since September 2003. I started in the Tampa, Fl. market, then transferred to the Detroit, Mi.  market where I’m currently an academy leader on the learning and development team.

What made you want to work at Empire Today? 

17 years ago, I was enjoying my first daughter as a “stay at home” mom. There was this individual that needed to take a short-term leave of absence and requested that I fill in for her. That individual was my mom. I was honored to work side-by-side with her as a GOA for about a year or so before she celebrated her early retirement. And, I made the best decision when I said “Yes” to Empire.

What is your favorite part about working at Empire? 

The People. The Opportunities. The Challenges.

What is the one thing you are most excited about for the coming year? 

Successfully reaching our goal in training our new system to all markets.

What is your motto or personal mantra? 

Welcome change and challenges; it keeps you alive and motivated.

What three traits define you and how you work? 

Integrity. Optimistic. Loyal.


November’s Empire’s Best winners have been a true inspiration to the company. We look forward to many more years with them on the team. 

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