Dirty Carpet Myths

5 Dirty Carpet Myths to Forget Right Now

Want the soft, warm touch of carpet but afraid it can’t stand up to your household needs? You wouldn’t be reading this if carpet wasn’t still a major contender for your floors. Drop what you think you already know and learn the truth about carpet and its true potential.

Thankfully, just like other flooring options, carpet has evolved over the years to be even more functional and stylish. Stronger fibers with more protection built-in, along with tighter twists and even variation in the surface finish—all of these enhancements make carpet a better flooring choice today than it’s ever been.

You’ve probably heard some nightmare carpet stories, but it’s likely that the carpets simply were not cared for or shouldn’t have been in the space to begin with. There are also many happy homeowners who love their carpet and would never trade it in for a hard surface. In fact, you’ve probably seen many carpets that have lasted 15-20 years and still look amazing! 

Let’s lay down these carpet myths and look at the reality of the right carpet, in the right settings.

Myth 1: Carpet is bad for allergies and asthma.

Actually, the truth is quite the opposite. Carpet fibers trap allergens that would otherwise pollute the air inside your home. The key is to clean at least twice a week with a vacuum that has a HEPA air filter. This will help ensure you get even more particles from the fibers than with a standard vacuum. If you still aren’t convinced, check out our 100% hypoallergenic HOME Fresh carpeting options!

Myth 2: Carpets stain easily.

Spills aren’t an automatic death sentence to a carpet’s fresh look. Immediate cleaning will help any flooring from being ruined! However, added stain and soil resistance give carpet enhanced protection against common spills, making them easier to clean. So, you can have this soft look even if you have a busy household. If you need some help cleaning your carpets, check out this post for some help.

Myth 3: Carpet and pets cannot coexist.

Yes, you can have the benefits of a soft plush carpet even with Spike running around. Many pet owners are concerned about their four-legged friend’s accidents and claws ruining their flooring. There are two ways to avoid such tragedies: shop for carpet with pet urine protection and aim for cut fibers instead of looped. A perfect example would be a pet-friendly plush carpet that’s not only stain-resistant but makes it easier to clean urine specifically. This makes life easier for you and your pup!

Myth 4: Carpet isn’t stylish in modern interiors.

Don’t count carpet out of your modern flooring choices. There are plenty of colors and styles that can match your dream design. In fact, patterned carpet can make a statement that says anything but dated. From pin dots to geometric to herringbone, you can add a distinct style to your home without sacrificing warmth. If you don’t want the boldness of patterns, a nice grey or greige plush carpet can easily blend with any modern décor. Check out more 2021 flooring trends and find the carpets that fit your style!

Myth 5: Carpet maintenance is hard and expensive.

Reality check: all floors need some type of maintenance. When you look at the lifetime cost of flooring, carpet is no more hard or expensive to maintain than other options. Committing to weekly vacuuming, annual deep cleaning, and handling spots and spills timely is really all it takes to keep your carpet pristine. Professional deep cleaning is not expensive, especially when compared to negligent care that requires replacing your carpet.

The Rundown

Carpet isn’t as complicated as you may think. Stains aren’t written in the stars and you don’t have to sacrifice your designer taste. All it takes is the right knowledge to pick the perfect one for your household and stylistic needs, and a healthy dose of care to keep them looking beautiful for years. Check out more helpful tips on our blog and make sure you check out the 2021 Pantone color of the year! When you are searching for you next floors start with the experts at Empire Today and get a free in-home consultation. If you want to see what others have said about us, head over to our Shopper Approved page where you can find thousands of trusted reviews.

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