Crafty July Fourth Art Projects

The Fourth of July is coming up quickly. Whether you are planning on grilling out in the backyard or going out to see fireworks, there is always a way to add a little more pizazz to one of America’s favorite holidays. Here are my top three crafty July Fourth art projects that just about anyone can do in no time.

crafty art projects fourth of july

1. Paint the Lawn

If you’re throwing a backyard grilling party, there are a few simple ways to decorate. What can be more patriotic than painted stars on your lawn? All you need is a large piece of cardboard and construction marking spray paint. Cut out a large star in the cardboard to use as your template. Use the spray paint to make various star paintings right on your lawn! Some good colors to use include the obvious ones: red, blue, and white. It’ll add some flair to any sort of outside party.

2. Turn Pallets into an American Flag

Pallets are a great way to make an artistic decorating statement. Why not make an American flag out of it? Each pallet will represent one of the stripes. Put the pallets together so there is the right amounts of stripes. Get some outdoor blue, red, and white paint and paint a flag on the pallets. And there you go! Put the pallet flag outside on your balcony or even inside the house in order to add some flair to your Fourth of July celebration and show your pride.

3. Make a Flag Table Runner

Find a bamboo table runner, some patriotic colored spray paint, and painters tape. On the table runner, section off the top part to be the blue part of the American flag. If you want, you can get stencils to spray paint the white stars. For the rest of the table runner, make red and white stripes. Let it dry overnight. If you would like to have a more glistening effect, use a spray paint primer over the entire runner. This will help make the runner look more professionally done.

There are always ways to make your Fourth of July celebration a lot more festive and on theme. These are just three easy and quick ways to do something crafty to enhance your celebration.

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