Change Up Your Flooring With Some New Style

Want to be up to date on the latest flooring trends? It might seem as simple as picking out just any old type, but floors can set the mood for the entire room. It’s an important choice and there are a lot of different ways to change up your floors with some new style.


Unique Wood Floor Designs

Gone are the days where wood is a dull series of parallel lines. Wood can be placed in many different designs. The wood can be laid out in a diagonally or in a way where each plank seems to be intruding on the next one. Creative wood designs can create unique floors that make a statement. It can also make your floors look unlike anyone else’s. You would be the trendsetter in your friend group.



The color of your floor is just as important as the color of your walls. It’s a color you will be seeing every single day. It will be the base color reflected in how you end up decorating the rest of the room. The floors don’t have to be beige or brown. The floors can be unique. The wood can be grey, the carpet can be green. Just put yourself out there and try to spice up your flooring.


Wide vs. Small

Wood planks have been a universal width for a while now. There are wide planks and super thin planks to try out as well! Wide planks can make the room feel warmer, while thin planks can make it feel more modern. Try out different planks. Look at the widths against the floor itself and you will see the difference it can make.


Tile Mix-Up

Tiles do not have to match. If you are tiling your bathroom, think about mixing up the tiles. Instead of going with just one, try using two or even three different types of tiles. Even better, try using contrasting colors. Blue and orange tiles would actual give a really good flow to a bathroom even though it doesn’t seem naturally right. Using a mix-up of tiles won’t be as weird as it might sound. Try it out. It may surprise you.

Go outside the box with your floors. You never know what you might like unless you try it out and see what it’s like. And trying it out doesn’t require multiple trips to the store or lugging samples around. Schedule a FREE In-Home Appointment today and see how going outside the box can have fantastic results for your floor.

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