Challenging Engineered Hardwood Installation No Problem for Empire Team

City/State: Desoto, TX

Flooring Type: Engineered Hardwood

Product/Color: Country Bungalow—Bridle

Rooms: Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway

Sometimes an installation is pretty cut and dry—take up the old floors and put down the new (and do a dang good job of it!). Other times, installers are faced with a tricky situation that they have to work around and do amazing work in spite of. In this case, it was the latter. The installation took a few days to complete because of a complex glue-down situation from the previous floors, extending the process of the initial floor take-up. But even after this time-consuming and challenging step, the new floors turned out amazing. It was clearly worth it!

The homeowner told us that she was extremely happy with how these engineered hardwood floors look. The product she chose was Country Bungalow in the Bridle color, and we think it looks amazing! Take a look for yourself.


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