Can Your Floors Survive the Holidays

Thanksgiving is around the corner and while you’re excited to be reunited with your aunts, uncles, cousins, and more, this means your home must be properly prepared to host your friends and family. Preparing your holiday décor and sleeping arrangements is crucial to hosting a proper holiday, but flooring is often overlooked and can make all the difference in getting your home ready. Knowing you have the right floors to deal with the traffic, spills, and your mother-in-law’s criticism can make Turkey Day a bit smoother. How do you know your floors can survive the holidays? That’s why we’re here! Here’s a quick guide to learn if you need new floors before the big day.

Carpet: Get It New or Get it Cleaned?

We all know accidents happen, and a lot of times this means stains in your carpet. With the right carpet, they can be easy to clean but even the best fibers will eventually become overwhelmed after many years of household spills. If your carpet has stains that just won’t leave, it may be time for some new floors.

Vanity is one thing, but a more important consideration is allergens. Although you may consistently vacuum, old carpets tend to trap more dust and pet dander. Your itchy eyes and runny nose are clear signs you need to replace your flooring.

Another thing to consider is the thinning of your carpet. After so many years, your carpet padding and the carpet itself can begin to thin due to heavy traffic over time. This means less comfort for you and your guests.

If you’re having any of these issues, consider getting a new stain-resistant carpet or even a 100% hypoallergenic carpet, such as HomeFRESH. You will have less stress cleaning and more time focusing on your family!

living room with Thanksgiving decor and carpet flooring

Wood Lasts Long…Not Forever

Hardwood is the oldest and true wood look flooring option and it doesn’t always need to be replaced. When it has scratches and even water stains, it can be sanded and refinished. However, there are some exceptions that call for new flooring overall. If you have engineered hardwood instead of solid, refinishing the floors may not be an option. Engineered hardwood flooring offers many advantages over traditional hardwood, but engineered hardwood typically isn’t sanded due to only having a top wear layer made of genuine hardwood.  Another reason to replace your current flooring is if your floors have faced irreparable water damage. If the water stains have turned your hardwood black in certain areas, not even a refinish can correct this flaw.

Laminate flooring looks fabulous at its prime! However, older laminates made with outdated materials may begin to peel and warp over time, squashing your home’s design. Unlike hardwood, worn and damaged laminate flooring can’t be sanded and refinished, so it is generally recommended to replace the old laminate flooring with modern styles.

Vinyl flooring may have a reputation for durability and easy maintenance, but it’s not invincible and is susceptible to damage over time. Like laminate, older vinyl plank is more susceptible to scratches and damage, such as peeling, which are not reversible. If your old vinyl floors are showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time get a free in-home estimate to see what new options are available.

Even if your wood look flooring is in good shape visually, you still want to make sure it can stand up to the heavy traffic, spills, and water damage before the holiday season. Explore hardwoods with the best finishes and laminate and vinyl floors that are 100% waterproof!

family having thanksgiving dinner at dining table with hardwood flooring



When to Throw in the Tile

Porcelain and ceramic flooring are great for water resistance and a timeless look. They aren’t so great, however, when they have chips or cracks. Depending on the color and style of the old tile floor, this type of damage can quickly make the flooring look unsightly. Another sign you may need to replace your tile is when some of the tiles become loose. This can be from a loosening adhesive and you may need to get your floors redone.

basement with porcelain tile flooring

Things to Remember

We covered the telltale signs of damaged flooring, but getting new floors is also about prevention. When you prepare for the holidays it’s always best to stay three steps ahead. Consider these preventative measures when deciding on new carpet or flooring.

  • Maintenance. You will have many guests coming over for a big dinner. Can your floors handle the dirt people may drag in with their shoes? More importantly, can it handle a bit of cranberry sauce being spilled? Making sure you have easy-to-clean carpet or wood looks is a good way to save yourself the headache ahead of time.
  • Durability. Whether it’s the kids running around or even just your many guests walking around your home, your floors will face heavy traffic during the holidays. Check the strength of your floors and their finish to determine if it can handle what’s to come.
  • Style. Replacing your floors can be as simple as what’s aesthetically pleasing. You want your home to be the talk of the family, in a good way. If you want a more modern look to match your home décor, then there’s no better time then now. Impress your guests and reveal your new floors for the holiday.

The holidays can be chaotic and adding flooring replacement to your task list may seem daunting. However, it can be as simple as 123. Empire Today makes it easy to get quality flooring that can last, and you don’t have to wait weeks for an installation. Schedule your in-home estimate today and you’ll have durable new flooring installed by Thanksgiving, so you can eat your turkey without worry. If you want to see what others have said about us, head over to our Shopper Approved page where you can find thousands of trusted reviews.

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