Carpet Considerations

Pattern Carpet Considerations

Pattern Carpets are also known as Cut or Loop Carpet. Many Pattern Carpets feature a combination of looped and cut fibers to create patterns and textures. The construction of the Carpet’s surface creates multi-level sculptured designs. Selectively cutting off some loops creates a distinct appearance and texture different from other styles of carpet. Patterns can range from structured grids, lattices, abstract lines and geometric shapes.

Carpet Fibers & Styles

Each type of Carpet fiber possesses distinct characteristics. Fibers can influence price, color and performance. Your Empire Today® Sales Representative can explain your options for each style of Carpet. These may include:


  • Nylon: Nylon is an excellent choice for Pattern Carpets because of its innate ability to spring back into shape. With a reputation for durability in high-traffic areas, nylon fiber offers a wide variety of color options.
  • Polyester: Budget-friendly polyester fiber is dyed to increase the definition of its colors. Polyester has naturally inherent stain resistance and receives color well during dying resulting in vivid color palates. Accordingly, it's well suited to maintaining the distinctive look of your Pattern Carpeting. Many of today’s polyester carpets are manufactured using recycled material. Spinning the fibers into fine filaments and twisting them produces a remarkably soft yarn for carpets. Polyester Carpet assortments from Empire Today offer stain resistance and a wide variety of colors.
  • Olefin/Polypropylene: Olefin is highly resistant to fading, is affordable enough for every room in your home, and is highly stain resistant. Solution-dyed olefin/polypropylene fibers resist fading. Its uniform coloring and ongoing brightness make olefin/polypropylene a natural choice for your decorating needs.
  • Triexta: Thanks to its easy-to-clean fibers, triexta can help preserve the clarity of Pattern Carpet and shrug off stains and soil, especially water-based spills. It may feel soft, but triexta tolerates use; its fibers snap back into position despite heavy traffic.


  • Wool: Wool's natural, luxurious look and feel offers an added dimension to your home's already inviting living and play areas. Its inherent durability ensures that it will keep your Pattern Carpet looking great. It's as springy in a carpet as it is in a sweater, inherently soil resistant, while providing warmth and comfort.

Carpet Padding

You can further enhance your new Pattern Carpet with Empire Today's padding options. To reduce the transmission of noise through the floor that underlies your carpet, support the material with noise-dampening padding. To increase the underfoot softness of your Pattern Carpet, a supple rebond padding provides additional comfort. By reducing the potential for pile crushing in high-traffic areas, our padding options can markedly extend the life of your Carpet. Work with your Sales Representative to choose the right padding thickness for your home.

Pet-Friendly Carpet Padding

Have a cat or dog? We have a special pet-friendly pad designed with pets in mind. Empire® offers a PUP (Pet Urine Protection) Carpet pad manufactured with a moisture barrier to help resist penetration of accidents and spills.

Carpet Care & Maintenance

To maximize the life of your Pattern Carpet and ensure the best possible look for your home, we recommend an easy-to-follow program of maintenance:

  • Vacuum your Pattern Carpet every other day. This will help keep it free of the dust and dirt particles that threaten its inviting patterns.
  • Professionally clean your Carpet once per year using a steam cleaning service.
  • To help protect your Pattern Carpeting from needless crushing and soiling, lay floor mats at entrance points and fasten floor coasters to furniture legs. Additionally, rotate the furniture periodically to promote even wear on your carpet.
  • Pulls can spoil the lines of Pattern Carpet. If your Carpet snags on a sharp object and develops a sprout, trim the excess yarn to the level of the Carpet surrounding it.

For more tips, visit our Carpet & Product Care area.

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