Sheet Vinyl Overview

Now more stylish than ever, Vinyl Sheet Flooring from Empire Today® allows you to get a real stone or wood look an affordable price. This type of Sheet Vinyl Flooring is manufactured as one solid, continuous piece of Flooring that comes in a large roll, which can allow for a seamless installation depending on the size of your room. The benefit is you’ll have modern flooring that looks like real wood or tile, without joints or spaces that could trap moisture or soil. Many customers prefer Vinyl Sheet Flooring because it is budget-friendly, moisture resistant, low maintenance, plus it has antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria. And, with so many styles to choose from, there are options to complement almost any décor – from classic to contemporary. Construction, appearance and maintenance are some other Vinyl Sheet Flooring considerations you should think about, or talk with your Sales Representative during your in-home appointment.

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Sheet Vinyl Considerations

Sheet Vinyl Flooring has a 5-ply double encapsulated construction that provides durable, cost-effective, high-resolution Hardwood and Stone visuals. This Flooring also has moisture-resistant properties that help it to withstand humidity. Its layers include:

  • Finish Layer: This is a top urethane layer that helps resist scuffs, scrapes, and stains and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. This layer adds toughness to the flooring - it helps prevent wear and increases Floor durability.
  • Texture Layer: This gives the look and feel of real stone or wood with exceptional clarity.
  • Foam Layer: This layer provides additional resilience and also helps the Flooring resist “telegraphing” or indentations.
  • Fiberglass Layer: This layer helps ensure the flooring will not contract, expand, crack or curl. It lends the Flooring its strength and durability.
  • Comfort Layer: This layer provides soft cushioning support, helps reduce traffic noise and provides a comfortable walking surface.
  • Cedar: Simulating the rich, dark tones of cedar in antiqued and distressed planks, this wood visual delivers a look that is classic, yet modern.
  • Barn Wood: The natural look of eight-inch planks, complete with knots and a roughhewn surface. This wood visual provides classic farmhouse look reinvented with a modern flair.
  • Neutral Stone: Subtle variations in texture coupled with cool or ivory coloring makes this a great solution for any décor style.
  • Rectangular: A staggered layout of rectangular Tile in deep, rich colors defined by light grout gives a look that is both contemporary and classic.
  • Intricate Pattern: An elaborate pattern of square and rectangular Tiles and a neutral color palette makes this a sophisticated choice.
  • Random Shapes: The look of randomly cut stones interlock to form a unique, custom floor look.
  • Terra Cotta: Dark, rich tones blend with the look of natural stone texture for an Old World look.

Vinyl Flooring Care & Cleaning

  • Use felt pads to help protect your floor from furniture.
  • Sweep frequently -- loose dirt can cause abrasions on your floor’s surface.
  • Place protective mats at doorways to help keep dirt and moisture off your floor.
  • Avoid using rollers and castors.

For more tips, visit our Floor Care & Maintenance area.

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