When Laminate is an Appropriate Substitute for Wood

Feb 12
Frank Worth
Hardwood and laminate flooring materials create a look of warmth in any home. They are available in lighter and darker shades to complement furnishings and lighting levels. Whether you select wood flooring or laminate flooring depends on conditions in your home and your overall budget. MORE

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Display Your Jewelry with a DIY Organizer

I have found that as my jewelry collection grows in size, so does the amount of disorganization in my jewelry box. Since it couldn’t possibly have enough room to hold all of my accessories, I found it necessary to do some DIY improvising.

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Choosing Carpet Styles and Patterns to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

If your home has small rooms, you might think that it doesn't matter which type of flooring you select. Instead of feeling like your space is closing in on you, you can use decorating tricks to make your space look bigger than it really is. These visual tricks begin with the right choice of carpeting. MORE

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3 At-Home Bathroom Cleaners

If there’s one area people assume you have to bring in the big boys, it’s the bathroom.  Soap scum and toilet bowls naturally bring to mind the need for harsh cleansers.  But have you ever noticed that even with the most impressive sounding, priciest chemicals, you’re still left going over the same areas several times and using ample amounts of elbow grease?  

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Enhance Baking with Vanilla Extract

If you want to enhance your baking to a whole new level and the smell of your home, try using homemade vanilla extract. Don’t be fooled by vanilla extracts you buy at the store that claim to be pure – they are usually full of artificial flavoring and chemicals.  MORE

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