Eat Local in the Summertime

If you follow my blog installments you know that I am a big fan of eating locally grown food. Eating food that is fresh, in season, and supports your local economy not only feeds the body but also the spirit. 

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’Tis the Season to Travel

Jul 23
Abby Berg
Summer is here which means vacation! While planning for your next road trip, it is important to think of your dog as well. With these helpful tips, you are sure to have a successful vacation with your furry friend!

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Create Your Own Fruit Fly Trap

Jul 21
Sarah Ruhlman
Fruit flies are inevitable in the summer. With all of the fresh produce I keep in my kitchen, I’ve found myself fighting an annual war with fruit flies. 

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Gardening: Sometimes It Comes Down to Luck

You’ve slowly browsed through seed catalogs, chosen what you will plant, readied your garden plot, and carefully put your seeds and plants into the ground. You water your plants, give them support, and have provided pest control as you see fit. Now what?

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Time to Get Away

Jul 14
Abby Berg
About a year ago I adopted my Husky/Shiba Inu puppy, Miller. And, what better way to bond with a new puppy than to take a trip up to Wisconsin and spend some time outdoors? 

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