Winter is a Great Time for Real Estate

Many people are reluctant to list their home in the winter. They seem stuck on waiting for the “spring market.” If you need to or want to move, why wait? There are a variety of reasons all year long that people have to buy a new house.

It is true that there are less buyers in the winter. What you might not know is that those who are looking in the winter are serious buyers. They are not just casually looking at homes on a beautiful day; they really need to find a place to live. Many people pull their houses off the market in the winter or want to wait until the spring before listing. This gives the few houses that are on the market a distinct advantage: lower inventory.

Keep in mind that when listing in the winter, light is more important. We tend to have less natural light, shorter days and the sun is not as strong when it does decide to come out. Try to maximize the natural light that comes into your home. With it being cold and gray outside on many days, try to make your home feel warm- and not just from the furnace. It’s an intangible thing; a feeling you get when you walk in

The one potential downside to listing your house in the winter is holiday decorations. If you really enjoy decorating and like to go all out with the holiday spirit, inside and out; remember that you’re trying to sell your home. You’ll have to dial it back a notch. Holiday decorations shouldn’t overshadow your home or take away from its features. Potential buyers aren’t looking to buy your decorations, they are looking at the home, so don’t distract them.

For buyers, looking in the winter gives you many advantages. One big plus is less competition. This can play a huge role, especially in a competitive market. I can guarantee that come spring, there will be leaves on the trees, the lawn will be green and the home will feel brighter with the stronger sunlight. What you do get to see is how the home feels in the winter. How’s the light? Does it feel drafty? Are their any issues with snow removal? If you enjoy how the home feels in the winter, you’ll really enjoy it in the other seasons.

Real Estate is bought and sold year-round. Don’t discount the winter as a season to jump into the market. It has many advantages you won’t see during other seasons. If you’re buying and or selling in the winter, you’ll be interacting with other people who are also serious about completing a real estate transaction.

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