“Swap My Floor” Contest Winners: The Transformations are Complete (Part 1 of 3)
Jan 6
Jill Ruiz

You may remember my blog post announcing the winners of our first-ever “Swap My Floor” photo contest. Now, I am happy to share with you the stories and pictures of each of the winners in a series of three blog posts. First up is one of our first prize winners, Rhonda Carroll of Peotone, IL. As a refresher, the above is the submission photo Rhonda used to enter the contest.

Just after giving their dog, Dozer, more freedom while they’re away, one day they came home to a torn-up floor in the kitchen. “We were devastated!” said Rhonda, “Having my special-needs daughter and many medical bills, the floor had to be put on hold. But then I saw this contest, and I thought what would I have to lose? So I entered.” Rhonda said with the help of her wonderful friends and family, she was able to get so many votes (547 votes exactly). But, she credits her sister for so many votes as she was posting many pictures and reminding everyone to vote daily.

When Rhonda and her family won first place in the contest they were ecstatic, “We were overwhelmed that we won this contest! I don't think we have ever won something so big! And something so much needed,” Rhonda exclaimed. Their dog, Dozer, couldn’t have been more excited (and relieved) either. Just take a look at the picture below.


For their new floors, they choose our Easy Living Laminate in the color Walnut. Ronda said, “My husband and I both decided on the floor because we wanted something durable (that the dog can't destroy) and yet something that my little girl could get around on with her walker. We also thought that this floor went beautiful with our décor.” And boy it does! Just take a look at the after photos below, which include Ronda, her husband David, two sons Ethan and David, and their “little princess” Kaleigh.


After the new floors were installed, Rhonda said, “Empire was wonderful through the whole process of getting our new floor. Thank You for putting this contest out there and allowing so many people to take a chance on winning!”

Well, thank you Rhonda, from all of us at Empire. We’re so glad we could help you and your family out in a time of need!

Stay tuned, as next week we will reveal the transformation of our other first prize winner, Carl Wall from Leominster, MA.

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