“Swap My Floor” Contest Winners: The Transformations are Complete (Part 2 of 3)"
Jan 13
Jill Ruiz

Last week, I shared with you one of our ‘Swap My Floor’ contest transformations, first place winner Rhonda Carroll. Next up is Carl Wall, our other first place winner from Leominster, MA. Above is his submission photo.

Carl and his family purchased the house last year and the basement was the only room that hadn’t been upgraded by the previous homeowners. It dated back to the 1960’s! The family uses the basement to play games, watch movies, and just to relax and have fun. They wanted a more comfortable space.


When Carl saw the contest, he immediately entered. Carl gives credit to his wife for getting the word out to their friends and family to vote. They kept track of the progress daily and reminded people several times a week to keep voting.

The Wall family was very excited when they heard the news that they won first place. Carl took the opportunity to give the room a much-needed makeover, repairing some of the ceiling and painting the walls. To lighten up the room, they decided to go with Manor plush carpet in Cream.


As you can see from the after picture above, the Wall children are enjoying their new carpet. To show-off their new room, the family threw a Halloween party, they received great reviews on the updated space and new carpet.

We at Empire are excited about the new space, and hope you and your family create a lot of memoires down there.

Next week, we will reveal the transformation of our grand prize winner, Lauren Brown from Arlington, TX.

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