Renovation Reality — Volume 8: The Foyer

Have you ever heard the saying, “you only have one chance to make a first impression?” Well, that same saying goes for your home. Besides your home’s exterior appearance, the entryway to a home sets the tone for what’s to come

Our client’s English Tudor has a charming foyer where you have the opportunity to see the living room and dining room on either side. Upon entry through the glass pane front door, you come into a small tiled vestibule with a coat closet. This was a common feature of homes built in the 1920’s which allowed guests to remove and hang their coats, while whatever muck from their shoes dripped off onto the tile floor.

The second glass pane door leads you from the vestibule into the foyer area, seen in the above picture. This space is truly the center of the home: to your right is the living room, to your left is the dining room, in front of you are the stairs to the second floor, and just past that are the stairs that lead to the backdoor area.

The stairs were covered with orange shag carpet when the home was purchased, which we removed when the home’s floors were refinished. Rather than cover all of the stairs with carpet again, we chose to use a decorative runner on the stairs which allows a border of hardwood to be seen on each side. This wool runner is durable and practical. The darker ground and pattern help to hide dirt and stains, and works well with our color palette. We painted the face of each step, as well as all the spindles the same creamy white as all of the other trim in the home. The stair treads and stair railing were stained the same color as the hardwood floors. These changes helped to give the staircase a more traditional feel. Below is an old photo of the staircase with its wall to wall orange carpet, and painted black railing.


With limited closet space, and tons of hats, gloves and miscellaneous items to store, a chest of drawers was the perfect solution. Not only is this piece decorative, but it’s easy for children to get in and out of without making a big mess. Above the chest is a decorative starburst mirror and a pair of slim buffet lamps to warm up the space and add visual interest.


Lining the staircase, we created a gallery wall for the homeowners to showcase their family photos. Gallery walls are a great way to personalize a home. One of our upcoming blog posts will give you all the tricks of the trade for creating the perfect gallery wall.


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