Renovation Reality — Volume 11: Master Bedroom

There is a reason why most of us love to stay in luxury hotel rooms. Most rooms can instantly transport us to a place of calm within a matter of seconds. The high-end sheets, over-fluffed duvet covers, and soothing colors can work wonders to transform our senses, but most important is the sense of escape.

When designing master bedrooms, it is often our vision to create spaces that feel like they came right out of a high end, luxury, boutique hotel. After all, what could be better than escaping to your own private retreat every evening!

When we began the renovation of our client’s English Tudor home, we decided to use one of the bedrooms at the front of the home for the client’s master bedroom, mainly because of the attached bathroom. Like many of the other rooms in this home, we were confident that we could overcome the obstacles and challenges of the space, to create a retreat that our clients would love.

The project began with selecting the light green and chocolate brown color palette. Our goal was to give the room a light and fresh feel, with a touch of drama and romance. We used the light mint green color for three of the walls, and the dark chocolate brown color to create a focal wall, or in this case, a focal niche.

We knew that furniture placement would be an issue, especially since our clients were used to sleeping in a king sized bed. The room has a pair of windows, flanked by two closets, tucked in between the home’s dormers. We wouldn’t be able to make any structural changes to this room without changing the home’s integrity, so we had to work with what we had. While we wouldn’t ordinarily opt for placing a bed in front of windows, we realized quickly that a king sized bed would fit perfectly in this space, and that tucking it back would create a cozy and inviting niche.

To enhance the cozy feel of this niche, we chose to paint the surrounding walls a dark chocolate brown. Matching chocolate brown velvet drapes were added to blend into the niche wall, providing privacy and light control. The same drapes were used on the smaller side window, but tied back to one side so as not to interfere with the dormer or closet door.


The king sized bed, with its upholstered headboard, is perfect for reading in bed. A dresser opposite the bed provides extra storage, and helps to anchor the wall mounted television. We brought pattern and warmth to the room with the addition of a large area rug, laid over the refinished hardwood floors.

A small crystal chandelier and wall sconces, both on dimmers, add a touch of romance and bling to the room. Because we were unable to add nightstands to either side of the bed, we hung swing arm wall sconces that our clients can use for reading. Below each sconce is a wall mounted magazine rack to house reading material.

A custom made duvet cover in a light green paisley fabric, as well as custom made euro shams in a chocolate and beige striped fabric give the bed visual interest, without taking over the room. Beneath the duvet cover is a chocolate brown quilt, and creamy white sheets. We created that hotel room feel by layering the bed with various patterns and textures in a limited color palette so that the room feels calm and soothing.

With a bit of creativity, we were able to create a cozy, romantic and comfortable retreat that our clients love escaping to at the end of each day!

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