Renovation Reality — Volume 10: Boys Room

Boy, oh boy! How to “decorate” a room for a growing boy?! Our blog post today shows the transformation of another bedroom in our client’s English Tudor style home, perfect for our toughest little critic!

Whenever we decorate a child’s room, our goal is always to create something that can grow and evolve with the child. By making some smart decisions upfront, you can extend the life of a child’s room for years to come.

The room before was blah and boring...


Rather than select a bright and colorful color for the walls, we chose to use a neutral beige paint color. Not only will this color work for years to come, it acts as a great base for the pops of color that we added in other places.

To soften up the hardwood floors, we added a large wool area rug. The blue and red striped border adds a bit of color to the room, and is sophisticated enough for all ages. We chose soft roman shades for the windows, in a navy and white striped fabric. The blackout lining alleviates the need for an additional shade, and creates the perfect environment for afternoon naps. The darker striped fabric adds contrast to the wall color, and stands out against the white window trim. The style and fabric combination of these shades give the room a masculine and clean feel. By mounting the shades inside the window frame, we highlight the original woodwork detail surrounding the windows.


The room was large enough for two twin beds, perfect for the occasional sleepover. These beds have adjustable headboards/footboards, so that you can raise the height of the mattress as a child grows, making them functional for years to come. Along the side wall, we added a large adult size desk and chair. While this little guy won’t be studying for finals anytime soon, he can use the desk now for coloring and crafts, and it’s sure to grow with his needs. Rather than select toddler sized furniture pieces now, and have to purchase all new pieces in a few years, we opted to think ahead. The initial investment of these adult sized pieces was a bit higher, but the overall investment is a smart one since they won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

Bedding is a fun way to allow a child to add in their own personality. We started with solid denim comforters, and then allowed our “mini client” to select his own sheets. He choose these “preppy lobsters” for summer, and we added a madras plaid quilt to lighten things up for the warmer weather. For winter, he selected flannel “penguins and polar bears” which work great on their own with the denim comforters. By allowing a child to select some elements of their bedding, you can afford to change the sheets as they change their likes... which makes everyone a happy camper.

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