Interior Shutters: Enduring Classics for Your Home
Jan 11
Tony Tuma

Custom shutters are a decorating staple that have been used for years to add value and classic good looks to the home. Unlike any other window treatments, Shutters can actually add to the appraised value of your home as they are perceived to be more permanent than other window treatments. Shutters enhance the curb appeal of the home as well and lend a uniform appearance to the outside. The horizontal louvers (or slats) can be adjusted to let in the desired amount of light and air as well as enhance energy efficiency and noise reduction.

There are three main material types of shutters on the market today: Real Wood, Composite, and Poly Resin.

  • Real Wood shutters are the most expensive option, yet lend the warmth and richness that only real wood can provide. Use real wood shutters in the public areas of the home such as the living room, dining room, and entryway.
  • Composite Material Shutters are a blend of real wood with poly resin to make economical and durable shutter. These are the best choice for children’s rooms, family rooms, media rooms, and guest bedrooms.
  • Poly resin shutters are the most economical option. They are waterproof, fire-retardant, hypoallergenic and virtually indestructible. Poly resin shutters are ideal for high humidity areas such as the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.

Once you have selected the material for your shutters, you will need to determine the louver size: typically, manufacturers offer 2-1/2”, 3-1/2”, or 4-1/2” wide louvers. Louver size are a matter of preference, however, I prefer larger lovers on larger windows for a more substantial look and a more expansive view to the outside when the lovers are opened. Smaller louvers are ideal for smaller windows. Therefore, a good compromise is the 3-1/2” louver. This is the most popular option, and when used throughout the home, lends a uniform look.

Next, you will need to decide how you want the shutters to operate. Most shutter manufacturers offer a couple of operating systems: the traditional tilt bar in the center, which is used to raise or lower the lovers. The other system eliminates the tilt bar altogether. You simply grab one louver to raise or lower them all.

Finally, you will need to decide on a frame style suitable to the look of your home. Manufacturers offer several styles to suit any taste and d├ęcor.

Custom shutters can also be made to cover patio doors, French doors, and in specialty shapes such as arches, quarter circles, and octagons. Many other shapes and special applications are available, the sky is really the limit as far as available design options as this product is truly custom made to order and give years of lasting value and enjoyment.


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