Window Treatments Offer a World of Options
Sep 30
Tony Tuma

Along with painting, new window treatments are a relatively quick and economical way to refresh and enhance your décor. Window treatments are a wise investment, whether you plan on selling your home in the near future, or you plan to stay for the next several years. Either way, the investment will pay off – if selling, new window treatments will help show your home to best advantage. If staying in your current home, you will enjoy the enhanced decor as well as energy savings, light, and temperature control.

Consider replacing outdated drapes, sheers and other window treatments with clean modern options such as Woven Woods, Fabric Roman Shades, Window Shadings, Roller Shades, Wood Blinds (real or faux) or Shutters. These options will update even traditional decors with a fresh look. Here’s some of what these window treatments have to offer.

The Woven Wood blinds (as seen in the above image) speak to the Green and Back to Nature trends in decorating. They add interesting textures and color variations to the room setting. Woven Wood blinds are created using natural and renewable materials such as Wood, Bamboo, Bark, Reeds and Grasses. Blinds hang flat when lowered giving a sleek, neat appearance. Special designer touches such as decorative edge binding and six inch top valances lend a finished appearance to the window. These blinds are available with Privacy Liners or Black-out Liners for better light control and insulation. Woven Wood shades offer superior ultraviolet protection.


Roman Fabric Shades have been a decorating staple for years, but remain a clean and contemporary designer choice with updated fabrics and color options. These shades feature fabric concealed head-rails and fabric wrapped bottom bars to give a refined finished look. Roman Fabric Shades soften hard edged contemporary rooms as well as blend nicely with more traditional decors. Roman Shades offer good insulation and sound absorption, and superior solar heat control and ultraviolet protection.


Window Shadings style blinds offer the ultimate in elegance and allows precise light and privacy control. When tilted open, the 2-1/2” vanes allow you to see out and flood the room with a soft diffused light. The head-rail and hardware are color coordinated for a streamlined appearance. The EasyRise Lifting System is standard, eliminating cords for increased child safety and aesthetics. Window Shadings provide good sound absorption and superior ultraviolet protection.


Screen Roller Shades are simple, classic, and yet crisply contemporary window treatments available in a vast array of fabrics and colors. Light control fabric options include Light Filtering and Room Darkening. Timeless Roller Shades block harmful UV Rays, protecting furnishings. Fabric Covered Cassette Head-rails conceal the shade when raised.


Real or Faux Wood Blinds offer a rich, substantial look to room decor. Real Wood Blinds feature North American Hardwoods in furniture grade finishes. Faux Wood Blinds are a great and economical option for high humidity areas such as the bath and laundry as they will not crack, pit, peel, or warp. Both Real and Faux Wood Blinds are available with Designer Decorative Tapes for a more polished upscale appearance. Real and Faux Wood Blinds offer good solar heat control, good light control and superior Ultraviolet protection.


Ploy Resin Shutters offer transitional good looks that enhance the perceived value of your home. In fact, Shutters can actually increase the appraised value of your home! The sturdy Poly Resin material is available in 2-1/2”, 3-1/2”, and 4-1/2” slats. Poly Resin Shutters are energy efficient, fire retardant and waterproof, making them ideal for applications in the bath, kitchen, or laundry.

Whether you select Woven Woods, Fabric Roman Shades, Window Shadings, Roller Shades, Real or Faux Wood Blinds or Shutters, these are just a few of the many window treatment options homeowners have today. Tell us what kind of Window Treatments you enjoy in your home. Send a picture!

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