What's Up with the Fuzz?

Ever notice that some carpets have a lot of fuzz? You vacuum your carpet to clean up the fuzz and you fill up your vacuum cleaner bag or the dirt chamber. The worst part is when you have to do it all over again the next day! This process last for weeks, sometimes months. The fuzzing, also known as oiling, is actually common in certain types of carpets.

Fuzzing is not a manufacturing defect but rather an outcome of the manufacturing process. There are two methods in which carpet fibers are created, staple and bulk continuous filament (BCF).

In the staple process, fibers are spun together to create strands of yarn that are later made into carpet. Wool is the best example of staple fiber because wool obtained from shaving sheep is only 4”-8” long. Because the strands are woven together, they can later break apart and causes fuzzing. While staple carpets can fuzz, shed or pill their entire life, it is most common in the first three months after installation.

In the BCF process, continuous filament fibers are also spun together but they are “heat set” together. Heat set is the process of heating the twisted fibers so they retain their shape, stay together and thus will not separate. A great example of this Are boaters who use flames to melt the end of their nylon ropes together. Once heated together, the ropes won’t unwind. Like the rope that won’t unwind, BCF fibers will not break apart or shed, pill or fuzz.

Most people don’t have time to vacuum every day and desire a more maintenance free carpet. So in the future, if you or someone you knowing are shopping for carpet and wants to leave the fuzz behind, look for the term Continuous Filament, BFC or CF on carpets samples and when in doubt, ask your sales representative.

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